Cover Is Destroyed Too Easily

I’m sure this has been said before; it’s just that there’s no similar-topic pop up when I entered the topic title.

Anyway, Cover is imho way too easily destroyed. With X-Com only explosives could destroy cover. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like the idea of cover getting destroyed by normal ballistic fire.

So here’s a thought.(unless this is already implemented, which seems kinda logical tbh) How about giving cover a health bar? We obviously don’t want to see more health points on the screen, but I’d like to feel a little bit safer when behind cover.

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Cover is flimsy for a purpose - it’s easier to test the destruction system that way. We know about this and will fix it.

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Thanks. Is it possible there will be different level of “hardness” where walls and buildings would be harder.


I do believe boxes and corner covers should be fire destroy-able. 2040 bullets and no need for so much explosive. In EW I haven’t felt they have really made destructible environment, abused cars and fuel pumps to show off explosion effects.

Yeah cool point. An ammo/gun box getting shot at and destroyed should indeed explode!

Same goes for gigantic gas/fuel tanks that just beg to be shot at when an enemy stands near it.

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they really shouldn’t. They don’t work that way, especially the New Jericho ammo. The NJ ammo are just bullets. there isn’t anything to blow up because they are propelled with magnets, not gunpowder.

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