Destructible terrain

Hi, I’ve been playing BB4 and I’m pretty happy so far, but I do have an issue with the destruction of the environment. Too much of it seems to be too easily destroyed.

It seems to me that bullets should do nothing but put decorative holes in most bits of terrain, but it seems assault rifles can cut down lampposts, tear corrugated iron off buildings, etc. I’m pretty sure bullets destroyed what seemed like a huge, thick, solid concrete wall buttress, when they merely knock a few HP off my squishy human troops. I doubt a grenade should be able to destroy bits of the environment like that, never mind a few bullets.

Is this going to be toned down in the final release? Is terrain going to have it’s own sort of HP which is much higher than now, or resistance to certain forms of weaponry?

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Quick answer: Yes. Try to find gameplay videos from Backers Build 3 and you will see it was already like that. In BB4 desctruction is tuned up to allow testing of destruction physics.


Great - I did play BB3, but only a little and months ago, and I didn’t recall terrain destruction in it. Cheers for the information.

It was there but you had to use more powerful weapons to eliminate any map assets. But still it had a high armor value but low HP, so with proper weapon like pistol you could bring down concrete wall :slight_smile: