Destructible environment

I have to say that i find the giant enemies and drivable vehicles one of the best aspects of the game. Which work pretty well with the destructible environment, that said, i don’t see why the debris left by those vanish just afterwards. It kinda takes me a bit off of it and spoils the atmosphere. The maps doesn’t look like a place where a hard fought battle has happened after the fights, it is just too clean.

The jauntily laid barrels in the environment already screw with the ballistic model and aiming calculations in this game, and in one that so much relies on line of sight I am guessing they cull it both so you can see clearly and they don’t have to work out the mesh for destroyed pieces of terrain blocking your shots. Even if they didn’t it could still be a right mess for shooting and then they would have to cull them anyway for minimum specs so suddenly it would become advantageous to play the game on low settings. Best I could wish they did is put some nice low debris doodads on the ground that couldn’t interfere with anything. Kinda a bummer but with the way shots work in this game random debris could be a problem.

I’m not very pleased by the way the destructible environment looks like, but it’s not a game breaker.
When you shoot a wall, it looks like a section of the wall, and actually a quite regular section of the wall, gets loose and falls down. It looks like the whole world is made out of prefabs :slight_smile: … maybe it’s intended, but the objects don’t really BREAK, they just fall apart. It’s like going to town with a screwdriver there not shooting grenades at objects.
but, as I said, for me, not a gamebreaker, just a nice to have

Limitation of the Unity engine and/or lack of development time. I for one am glad those ridiculous doodads don’t hang around when they get blasted because the look silly and really break immersion.

Something like the destruction from Silent Storm would be amazing, but we always can dream.

The actual destruction of PP looks good, the problem is that all this destruction disappears under the floor in less than 2 seconds, and for me at least, breaks the immersion.

I understand that is not viable to left all the destruction elements visible, but at least the larger ones would help a lot.