Cover Destroyed Too Easy

I really enjoy the new destruction of the environments, but I think it is a little too easy to destroy almost anything that is being used for cover. 1 shot from every weapon seems to destroy everything. Giant tree, stone/metal statue, big rock, cement wall, and metal objects can all be removed without much fuss.

The SMG has become one of the best weapons in the game because I can shoot it 4 times in a round. That’s 4 pieces of cover that can be removed so my more accurate soldiers can shoot the enemy unimpeded. The destruction is also a double-edges sword since any cover that you find will also be removed in 1 shot.

I really hope in the future they have some sort of minimum damage (or hit points system) so that cover can actually be used properly.

there was some info that “different materials will have different durability”, but I can’t find it right now

On the other hand, an alien was hiding in the rooftop and I couldn’t get a direct LOS to it with any of my soldiers. So I aimed directly for the floor beneath it with Heavy’s cannon, it fell to ground level and got open for crab roast. So sweet :smiley:

I know it’s not too realistic damage model but I have tons of fun knowing that I destroy the wall with enemy behind it in free aiming mode, and probably hit that ugly crabman. It’s satisfying especially when my soldier doesn’t actually see his target :grinning: