Enemy 100% accuracy

So I don’t know if it is just me… but I have played a few hours now and having done several missions, and so far the enemy units both humans and pandorans haven’t missed a shot yet. At all. Even at the limit of the range and I’m behind high cover they just casually shoot 60-80 hp off one of my guys.

I’m on normal difficulty…wtf is this?

I didn’t play much through backer builds, but I have put close to 1000 hours into X-COM 1+2 and never had such issues before.

Is there something I am missing, or is this just a thing of the game?

It happened to me as well in some missions, but not all the time. They sometimes miss when returning fire, but in their turn they have at least 90% accuracy…
I can imagine that entropy for dice rolling is being collected from something which doesn’t work properly, nothing would surprise me at this point

Depends who are you fighting against? Melee attacks always hit. And if enemy Tritons use sniper rifles then it is almost sure they will hit you. But all other ranged attacks should miss sometimes.

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Just like yourself, snipers are deadly accurate. High overs won’t help you, if crabby with a gun runs in close.

But otherwise. Everything seems to work as it should.

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Come to think of it, I can’t really remember the enemies missing my guys. I normally just don’t give them the option of shooting at them. Maybe the accuracy settings are too high for standard enemies, before we can upgrade our armour?

Doesn’t AI accuracy work the same way that human accuracy works? i.e. if you’ve got a 100% shot chance when you aim at them, then chances are that they’ll have a 100% chance when they shoot back at you.

It is everything though. Anything that has a gun from the start of the game just hasn’t missed. When they are 20 squares away, through cover and all that.

Whereas when I shoot at them and they aren’t in cover i will miss 20% of the time for example.

Sounds unlikely. I thought neutral units with laser weapons and they missed a lot, I fought fishman with hand guns and they missed a lot, too.

Crabman with machine guns will usually land some shots but that’s how it should be - one or two bullets in a burst are expected. If they get in a range of couple tiles, they will be able to put entire magazine into my unints, but that’s comparable to my assaults.

Sniper rifles from what I have experienced are as horrible, as my snipers must be for the enemies.

Hmmm, I suppose that’s true, and when I play more tomorrow I will check. But all of the lasers hit, and every time I was taking 60+ damage, and it’s unsustainable having to go back to base to heal up a bit after every mission. I wouldn’t mind if an occasional thing hits, but literally every mission having all dudes on like 20 hp remaining sucks!

Clearly you are supposed to cycle your units in and out of the main squad as they get injured, when you have a few spare guys to do this with. This is what I’m doing in my game and it works well.

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Ahhhh I getcha, but I only have 6 dudes atm :stuck_out_tongue:

I came to the forms to see if this was a weird bug that only I was experiencing hahah Sort of a shame the enemys can 360 noscope you with a armor piercing 1-arm cannon from across the map but you can 100% miss a shotgun blast from 2 tiles away.

I can sort of see why they pumped up the pandoran’s though. Human enemys seem to miss at the same rate I do and 3 of my guys can clean up 8 of them no problem. That being said it would be nice if the pandoran’s missed every now and then, like a rare treat.

I guess theres a reason humanity is nearly extinct :stuck_out_tongue:

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Enemies miss me all the time… until they lob 4 grenades simultaneously at a guy out of sheer A.I. baby-rage.

But for real enemies miss me a lot.