Assault missed 100% shot

I moved my assault right next to a gun & shield crabman, and went free aiming for its arm, since I enjoy seeing them hop around bleeding and with no means of attack.

Both aiming circles were inside of the alien arm, but it was so zoomed in I only understood what part I was shooting through the UI indication. And my assault missed every burst, not a single digit of damage. The alien retaliated with return fire and got my soldier. It was like so zoomed in that the assault rifle went beyond the enemy and missed everything.

Tried to F12, but the game replied it was unable to upload the picture.

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When very zoomed, aiming from the tile next to the target for example, is very very difficult to aim or to see.

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I had similar problem with sniper rifle and pistol. Bullets went through enemy like fired from behind him.

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Guess Snapshot wanted to take their own shot (eh!) at the “That’s XCOM, baby!”'s 90% missed hit meme :blush:

No better way to do it then with a 100% missed hit! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Yeah, I think if you’re right next to an enemy, the way things are posed your gun will clip right through the alien, making all your shots miss. I always try to stay one panel away, as that maximizes accuracy while obviating the chance of a complete miss like that. It’s the same with the mindfraggers, BTW–one efficient way of dealing with them if you don’t have a medic is to shoot them off with a pistol, but if you’re right next to a mindfragged soldier, your pistolier will go crazy and the pistol will clip into your soldier’s head, so you’ll hit him and not the mindfragger when you fire.

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Noticed that too, with a sniper and two melee Crabmen each side. Free aim clips inside the crab and the shot misses. Auto-aim, on the other hand, won’t miss the shot.

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I just had this same thing happen and wasn’t sure if when I zoomed in to manually aim, if I left the sight in the wrong place somehow.

Something that I always wanted to see in this sort of game, when you move into the adjacent square to fire, the unit getting shot at (ours or alien) gets a chance to melee defend. Push your gun down, pistol whip or butt stroke the soldier firing. If you are moving that close to take a shot the defending unit gets a chance to avoid the shot.

It would minimise that soldier running across an open field full of aliens, to execute the leader, at point blank range.


Pure evidence its an XCom series sucessor >:)

Might be a free aiming bug.

:slight_smile: Bugs, bugs, more bugs to be squashed!