1st thing I'm going to hack!

you troop’s accuracy sucks. I can’t believe that train troops will shoot that bad (I’ve done some competition combat shooting) and I can do far better than that. This is what bugs me the most about the original and new Xcom as you have elite troops from the world that often miss something standing in front of them. I fixed it in the new Xcom by increasing all the weapon inherit accuracy by 50%. I also reduce the amount of damage each shot and since ammo is free in the new Xcom, it works out about the same but it’s so much more satisfying when your guys managed to hit most of the time. Have to figure out how to do this when released. May have to increase the rounds in each clip to compensate,

Don’t forget to do the same on tritons

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I mean… I certainly agree with Firaxicom’s hit/misses as that is just an inherent consequence of the dice roll rng shot system used. If that point blank 99% rolls a 1, then the shot misses no matter how silly it may look. But I’ve not had that problem with any weapon so far with phoenix point. All the times I’ve been point blank or even 1- 2 tiles further, I haven’t failed a shot yet. Mostly cause I’m pretty sure you can’t unless you’re trying. All in all I’d say the soldiers in Phoenix point seem pretty accurate to me. Most the time I seem to be dishing out more damage then what the indicator thinks. Perhaps I’m just getting lucky?? Not sure…


I only use in front of you as an extreme example. I found that they average hit rate at range seems off also. I would also think that 3 round burst that take one action point is more realistic as you can pretty much always squeeze of a quick 3 round burst even with minimal reaction time. If I can just change to 3 round burst at one action point, that might also work so you have another chance to hit but with less damage.

I will agree with firing modes being implemented, it would be a welcome addition in my mind… but sadly, I’ve seen this topic brought up on discord quite a few times and each time it seems that the devs are pretty hard set on shying away from these. I heard someone say that the team feels it would over-complicate things for how they have their action point system implemented. Which I suppose makes sense… But it’d still be a nice way to save ammo in some cases as well. If a pandoran is just at deaths door you wouldn’t want to waste 5 shots on it if 1 is all it would take. I wouldn’t even mind if they tied these to will points either, I’d take firing modes in anyway shape or form.

Tis a shame really…


I just hope that they make the files easy to mod like the new Xcom.

Yeah something like ‘finishing shot’ would be a good perk for an assault. - 1 bullet fired, with improved aim, especially if targeting the head.

I can see the dev trying to not make it too complicated like the old Xcom or Xeno with 3-4 firing mode but having more than one mode would be good (like single/burst).

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Yea, I’d be fine with just the two firing modes, and I like SpiteAndMalice’s suggestion that it could be a perk maybe costing 1 Willpoint and perhaps 1 AP so it couldn’t be too abusive… and perhaps tou could get the AP back if the shot actually kills as to give incentive to use it as a “kill shot” instead of just use it for a free shot.

I think their base accuracy isn’t too bad - much more realistic than Xcom and very rarely causes me frustration. Heavy is garbage at first, but if you give him sniper helmet and legs he gets pretty decent - also kind of makes sense because he is using a massive cannon fired from the hip…

More accuracy later would be nice though. I would love to see them rework the training center so instead of XP it does stats (and much more slowly). It is more realistic to expect them to get better at shooting and maybe faster/healthier due to training then to earn rank and learn crazy abilities. Leave that progression for missions only. That way if I have a new recruit I leave in the base for two weeks, he will be a very good recruit but still just a recruit, rather than coming in completely equal to some troops that have been in real missions the whole time.

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