Bug with aiming

Sometimes shots that should hit 100% just do not hit. Both circles (50% and 100%) are within a solid target, for instance tritons arm or arthrons leg, but it still misses.

I’ve noticed this, only with Mindfraggers so far though. I appreciate that all enemies continue to move in slo-mo but even when that is completely negated by your positioning the shot will not connect.

For me it is fine feature of the game, but if you don’t like it there is a mod to disable animations after you give order of fire

Can confirm issue persists with or without that mod enabled.

  • Sometime shots using P.A.T.S - Phoenix-Tec Assisted Targeting System down to iron sight mode the screen was entirely blank/covered by its cover (for instance case I take a concrete to be my cover and going to shoot from there, but the concrete is blocking all sights while P.A.T.S indicator is active), It’s gone worst for a weapon with AoE :laughing:. Confirmed it happened on both of full and half covers.

I’ve had this a few times too (even taking into account animation, both circles completely filled with alien and a miss) and have seen other posts about it too. I think it’s a pretty serious issue in a game where one of its best features is the ballistic system - undermines your confidence that the programming is working properly…