EGP says I got Complete edition, but I dont

Epic store says I have the Complete edition ( I was an early backer for base edition I think) and the links in game for the DLCs are dead. How do I upgrade to get the DLC? Will it work if I buy the upgrade to Complete Edition even though it thinks I got it already?


I checked your email and you got the Base edition which is without any DLCs.

If you buy the Phoenix Point: Complete Edition - Upgrade you will get all the DLCs.

Thank you, just want to make sure Epic will recognize the upgrade, since it already says “Complete Edition” in my game library? I guess this is on EGS…

Seems like it is showing as Complete Edition in your library no matter what edition you actually have. Probably because the previous editions were removed from the store. Purchasing Phoenix Point: Complete Edition - Upgrade should upgrade it to actual Complete Edition. Please let us know if you tried it and if it worked.