Can't Upgrade Phoenix Point Year 1 Edition Upgrade (EGS)


I purchased PP from EGS, I was about upgrading my PP base to PP : year 1 edition upgrade and somehow it keep failed checkout. Then I checked my EGS transaction history, I don’t see any PP transaction (which is weird…how come is gone!? *I purchased PP base Nov 19, 2019). I’m using OVO for the transaction.

Wondering is this what made me keep failed to checkout PP year 1 edition upgrade? I can confirm my amount credit are enough to do the payment for the PP yr 1 edition upgrade. What did I miss? Thanks in advance.

Do you have purchased only the base game or also the Season Pass or single DLCs?

If you own the original Phoenix Point and the Season Pass or both DLC than you have anything that is in the Year One Edition (YOE) except the Living Weapons Pack (if you don’t also purchased this one before the YOE switch) and for this the Upgrade is not possible.

The “old” base game plus its additions is not outdated, it is the same as the YOE version except the very first starting screen.

Finally, I’ve no idea why your transaction history in EGS is incomplete, mine has all PP parts in that I purchased in the last year (PP, Season Pass and Living Weapons). I would recommend to contact Epic or Snapshot support to look into that issue.

Maybe @Valygar can help a bit more(?).

I only have the base game, no season pass or any dlc’s. Haha…yep my PP transaction history in EGS somehow is gone, good thing I still have the receipt number :sweat_smile:.
Thanks for fast response, much appreciated.

Then the Upgrade should be possible.
Contact the Epic support, it looks to me that there is something lost when you still have the game but no transaction history.

Good luck anyway :slight_smile:


Did contact Epic Games support and they unable to assist with the issue because the purchase was not made on the Epic Games platform, so EGS support suggest me to contact SG support.

I forgot to mention about my PP transaction. I purchased the game from PP official website and they directed to xsolla for the payment which end up using EGS.

Is there an option for me to upgrade my PP base game to PP YOE, because EGS seems not work and PP official website doesn’t have option for upgrade PP to PP YOE. Thanks.

Their E-Mail is →
If no one should react here on your post :wink:

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Noted, done. Thank you :ok_hand:.