Due to this patch, could we please get the ability to respec?

Not sure if this is possible or not, but since all my builds just got trashed in this patch, I would love to be able to redistribute the points on all my peeps. My Heavy - Sniper build was to gain all the accuracy they no longer get from the sniper so I could use my Hel Cannon like a sniper rifle and it was fun as er, heck… I mean I still get the -1AP for quick aim which lets me get closer so it’s still decent, but I think I might put my heavy in accuracy gear/mutations and spec differently…

I spend more time making builds than I do playing the game lol. PWEASE let us, or heck, just let me, forget everyone, just like hack into my game and reset the points on all my guys, kkthx.

Or if someone knows of a tool or some way to do this, I honestly don’t want to start over yet again because I want to try new builds.

P.S. does everyone restart the game at the beginning until you get good random abilities on your starting chars like I do? I’ve spent like 3 hours restarting and saving games looking for the best combo of randoms… wish there was a way to change those in the game, like some kind of tech you get mid-way or so through the game that would allow you learn different secondary skills… that would be sweet.


I guess some Respec per patch would be nice.

Have you tried to cope with the changes though ? I don’t think those abilities are now useless, are they ?

no, I think the changes are a good thing, but I would have spec’ed differently, like I wouldn’t have made my heavy duel class with sniper with the current changes. duel spec is 50 points, which is better spent in stats IMHO unless you get something very good out of the second class. I leave techs and priests single class, although I’m wondering if an infil-priest in all stealth gear would be good or not…

I’m not upset at these changes at all. I was abusing dash + shotgun to no end. My “A” team is 4 shredding shutguns with 12+ ap so they can dash and 1 shot and dash away… it was cheezy, but that approach is no longer working as I found out by trying to play today without knowing about the patch and was wondering who stole my AP after dashing twice lol.

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RB 5 SR shots is still a solid SR option, Inspire is a good skill no other class will provide, Boom Blast is a totally coherent choice with a sniper with grenade launcher, what personal skill would be a problem?

Dash/Shotgun, consider AR, they are less bad than you think. I think it’s a bad nerf, but search solutions before hurry remove dash to all soldiers. Think more team perhaps through Rally.

EDIT: You was playing with team of 6. Then start use 8 and more soldiers with Rally. It’s not too slow to build a new team with training centers. At end you are right such patch should open one respec per sodier, but is it really such a big deal?

The root problem here is the game being release before being balanced properly.

@mortius I genuinely feel for you if you’re so far into your campaign, but I hope that re-specing doesn’t become a thing with the game as whole.

I’m on the opposite end of the scale, I’m put off starting in the first place, because I think that this will be just one fix of many over the next 6-12 months.

Heavy Sniper with grenade launcher I agree is still good. I have several builds that are still just fine and I’m learning how to play with the dash changes and doing fine. It was cheezy what I was doing, but I kept getting reckless + close quarters specialist as randoms on so many of my people so when I see that I automatically go shotgun dashing. I just picked up two more people today, both of them again with reckless and close quarters…

So i will look into AR like you suggested. I never took rally on anyone yet. I thought about it a lot, takes a lot of coordination and I was too lazy and it wasn’t needed at that time. I can save up points and start slowly getting it, but again, a respec would help with that hehe. I was thinking you need to have 4 rally, and use up all the AP on everyone down where you have 1 rally with 1 AP left and another with 2 AP left so you can rally with each one as they regain their AP so in the end the other 4 people in the group have all their AP back… It did seem like a decent idea but I just haven’t tried it out yet.

I try to have 8 but right now in the game my issue is attacks all over the planet, I’m 100% with disciples and Synedrion and at war with Jericho (I stole all of their tech), so I have access to all tech but I know there is still more as the disciples are building that temple and I got the mission to help them defend it. So I have all my people broken up into teams of 5, 5, 6, 7 and some people at a couple bases leveling with training centers. I still can’t keep up with all the battles taking place and maybe you’re not suppose to. I don’t like to let either of my friendly factions lose their bases, but I just can’t get to many in time.

The HUGE limiting factor and main issue I’m having is materials. While I make endless amounts of food, I have already traded at all the bases where I can trade food > mats, and I still can’t keep up with all the base building and equipping my people with the best gear. Not sure if there is some other way of getting mats that I don’t know of. I am looking around for more ? that might be scavenge or the random free mats and there are still a lot of scanning I need to do, plenty of the globe are still uncovered. But there is a battle every like 10 seconds lol.

I scrap everything I don’t need as well.

Oh and wth is with these Mutogs? I got one for like 300 food and took it into a map and it was useless. It hit for 30 damage and it’s poison spit would do 0 damage every time and not poison anything. I’m guessing armor was too high on the targets or something. I just let it die.

I’m still fairly noob at the game, just trying to learn and I love experimenting with builds but am starting to run out of ideas to keep my interest in that aspect of the game at least.

Thanks for the reply!

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I never been sure, but your comment show it is, all poison is applied but only if at least one damage is applied by the shoot, and the poison damage isn’t included to compute this shoot damage.

Yeah Mutogs, never found them any real use, worm killers is too small bonus. If dev never patch them they’ll be a non sense in the final game. Now they can’t be as powerful than vehicles because they are a lot easier to buy or even more to build later.