Class Rebalance (Heavy/Sniper/ dual HeavySnipe)

At the begining of the game the heavy is quite useless, he can not shoot and move or jetpack and shoot.
It would be ok if its accuracy was not soo bad, would be possible to improve heavy cannon accuracy and decrease damage ?
The sniper rifle accuracy is too good, it should be decreased and sniper mag ammo sould be one clip, thus sniper would got 1 turn to shoot and one turn to reload and it would avoid dual class heavysnipe beeing overpowered when using rage burst with a sniper rifle cause rage burst with a weapon that got 1 clip is still 1 shot
My 2 cents

Oh lord, no!

One ammo sniper rifle clips don’t work with sniper “quick aim” park! Why should you fix the heavy class with the sniper class?

The heavy isn’t useless in the beginning, you should just play it right! You have jump jets and heavy armor, get close to the enemys and don’t try to hit heads with the Hel Cannon! The Hel Cannon is great against shields and high armor body parts that are easier to hit. And if you want more move speed or accuracy just change 1-2 armor parts.

I found it very effective to jump a heavy into cover near my target, so next round they can step out and fire. They’re not storm troopers moving + killing big distances in the same turn but can be very effective.

Later, with assault training they can spend will to move fast and unload a canon for quick kills. With enough strength they carry 2nd weapons for longer range options.

I’ve yet to find the grenade launcher much good, although I’ve yet to specialise a soldier into it.

i understand and that’s already what i do but i still think that heavy are a bit underpowered compared with assault and sniper
The only reason i use a heavy is to strip armor from enemy
On the other hand dual class heavysniper is OP when using rageburst with a sniper rifle, that is why i suggested to decrease then sniper mag, ok 1 round is too radical but i think 8 rounds is too much, sniper mag should be around 4 or 5
If you want to optimize your team you just got to dual class every soldier with sniper class and give them sniper rifle.
I wont compare a game with real life but it wont sound so stupid to decrease sniper rate of fire that is why quick aim perk is a bit too much given the very good accuracy of snipers, it just could decrease the firing cost without improving accuracy
In a game where movement and accuracy is everything compare with other weapon the sniper rifle is too good
I am not saying that heavy is useless i just think it could be a bit improved and sniper could be a little bit nerfed