Download speed must be a joke

first you could not deliver twice in time and now i need 8 hours to download it?!
A horrible first impression!

There are a lot of people currently attempting to download at the same time. Some people have reported downloading in as little as 2 minutes. We have no control over download speeds unfortunately.

I downloaded my build in about 20 minutes. Network congestion is pretty much expected when dealing with a release like this. Bandwidth is not infinite… it’s like driving through Münich on Friday at 16:30… I’m sure you can understand that :slight_smile:

I’m downloading at 1,2 MB/s, which sadly is my connection’s max… but that’s the point: I’m getting max, so it’s not XSolla.

Can confirm, got mine in a few minutes too.

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for me its slow too, but maybe later will go faster

I’m still at my measly max, but that shouldn’t tax any CDN either way… but yes, you are correct in your assumption: later on, dowload rates for those affected should show a marked improvement, once the initial wave of high demand begins to ebb.

will be good on some torrent link, where share all donwloaders, but what we can do, just waiting :))