Do you thinks this is fair?

Add suppression fire with a cone requires make a clear distinction with overwatch. There’s a potential ambiguity. But the problem is certainly to design the AI.

I think RF is a very uncommon idea, but if you played JA, interception are right that. You move a step out of cover to get a great los, fire, get intercepted and enemy shot four times. You quickly learn stop do it past a point in the campaign, but also it’s linked to AP left so it allows use trick to try exhaust enemy AP or be sure no much are left.

But if RF is bizarre at end I see a good element to manage. For sure dev will see themselves, and for sure I have seen absurd dev changes from some players reactions, like Phantom Doctrine.

At some point dev are in ambiguity, do they know better what’s fun for players than players, this leads quickly to a slip, games done for majority, majority that prefer stick in tradition/convention and what they are used to.

I know they have changed the way RF worked at least once. Has it also been changed at any time with the BB?

Previous version of RF was totally insignificant I hardly ever noticed it. You was needing be in big troubles to suffer from it, that is many crabs around, close enough, and you jump in the melee, perhaps to try a kill chain.

At opposite previous version of RF was a lot more interesting to exploit for players. Now it’s more a decision to not use overwatch on a soldier, it’s a bit basic.

There is a lot of stuff that’s unfair in PP especially when they throw it at you by the bucket load, but for the most part you can find a way to overcome. But this RF is a different type of unfair. You don’t expect to die just by taking your shot. It’s like the game having a 50/50 chance of you gun blowing up in your face.
As I have said, I don’t want RF removed, I would just like it reimagined. :wink:

Not to go in circles, as we obviously don’t agree on this, but when shooting at someone who will shoot back you should expect that you can suffer injuries up to and including death.

However, have you ever tried using RF in your favor? For example, I had a situation where I had three crabs with shields almost in a phalanx. I couldn’t get through the shields so I mind controlled one of the crabs and shot the crap out of his buddies, with the bonus that they shot back at him.

I also want to try a heavy assault with boosted armor, just place him in the middle of a bunch of crabs and hit end turn.

I don’t carry pistols on missions anymore, instead I carry basic ares assault rifles with no extra ammo just to deal with mindfrages and worms. With pistol you can’t kill mindfrager in one turn and there if risk of return fire. Worms are hard to hit with pistol. Sometimes I have to fire pistol 3-4 times to hit it and with assault rifle it is usually instant kill with only 2 AP.

For the sirens you just have to disable its head and next turn it will lose control. For that you need only two sniper shots. I found that here on forum.

Paralyzed siren still keeps mind control though.

Do you mean:

  • an assault
  • in heavy armor
  • with return fire
  • and a hell-canon/deceptor/iconoclast … massive destruction
  • with an armor boost from 1 or 2 technicians

Seems interesting … if he doesn’t get mind-controlled.
I think that with enough armor they can’t apply poison but I don’t have my Calc sheet with me to check.

I wonder if shredding applies first to the 20 added by the technician or your armor.

Yes :grin:

Will need to take care of sirens first.

RF works with Hell Cannon? The big chain gun should do the job.

I have read that a few times here but in practice it doesn’t work! Twice a Siren has had control of 1 or 2 soldiers. I have focus fired on the head to disable it but the next turn my soldiers are still under control. The only way to remove the control is to kill the Siren. The first time I thought might’ve been a glitch, the second time, to me, confirms this doesn’t work.

Love those missions, reLlytime for your assault class to shine. Prisoner runs as far as he can towards your team, two assult dash as far as they can towards him. They then use two action points to get a little closer. Now if you have any troops with the skill to give an extra action point you fire them off. Now the two assult lob firebooms at the enemy. Emery turn they really mess up. If somebody is on fire they normally send somebody into the flames to first aid them. Then they send a second person to first aid the first aider who is now on fire. On one occasion I got two on fire, two ran in to first aid them, two more ran in to first aid the new two, and finally one more guy ran in to first aid one of the last two. Two became five in the fire. And while they were busy in the fire I was making a run back to the DZ making sure my higher hit point guys were further back than the extraction target. Fun times.

So this mission the extraction target starts with my team and the extraction point is on the other side of the map. My starting move, I can’t not spot the enemy by running maximum in any direction. The first enemy turn between 5-8 soldiers get spotted. The all shoot past my men and focus the dude I am trying to rescue.

2 hits from a sniper and he is toast every time, first turn fail. The only time I made it to second turn was a fluke. They had some missed shots and left him bleeding on a few HP. I fixed him with one turn, was only able to kill one sniper with the rest of my turn… first shot of enemy second turn he was dead again. It is a no win mission.

Sounds like a classic RNG snafu.

On the one Rescue Mission I’ve done, I reckoned I couldn’t get the dude anywhere safe on the first turn, so I hid him in the tightest, most inaccessible corner of the building he was in and waited while I pushed my guys up.

Second turn, a Bad Guy comes into the building. So that’s the point when I sprinted Maguffin Man towards my guys as hard as he could and hid him behind the farthest cover he could reach. My 2 Infs moved up past him and set up an overwatch screen along with my Snipers to take out anyone following him through the door, while my Heavy & Berserker/Asssult kept the other BGs we’d spotted occupied. Seemed to work.

I find with a lot of this game, sometimes you have to wait and pick your moment, rather than rushing around immediately.

But then, it could just be a crappy RNG…

Shooting the head of a Siren removes 30 WP. Usually, Sirens have 30 WP, so it puts them at 0 WP.
What happens is:

  • They keep their mind-control, but won’t be able to pay the 2 WP cost to keep it once their turn comes (so you get your soldier back)
  • They can still mind-control one of your soldiers if he has 0 WP. But will loose control on the next turn anyway.

I play on PC. Here on my version it works, I have tested it.

Along with that…they get return fire on grenades you throw. Our soldiers do not. Whats with that?

Very much, did one only twice, first time first campaign it was like some describe and my team wasn’t ready for a trick as explains CoyoteNZ.

Reloaded so many time, and finally an enemy moved close to target, enough to protect him, and I could rescue, but I think I still lost a soldier death but was happy with that. Defenders was NJ.

Second time, I bring only one soldier with stealth, and the RNG decided be cool with me, guy to rescue was relatively close, move close enough throw a decoy that did the job, escaped two turns later. Defenders was Anu.

Next time I won’t bother and will bring a team with 8 Rally and two Decoy.

EDIT: It’s not that rescue a prisoner is a totally uncommon mission type, Phantom Doctrine and even XCOM1&2 do a much better job on that.

A hour into play since new hotfix and I loose another good soldier to RF. This is really starting to cheese me off now.
It doesn’t matter what I read and learn about the RF in PP it’s still feels to be such a unfair and unavoidable mechanic.

What really rubs salt into the wound is that the guy that RF you takes a few minutes turning around to locate where the shot came from, while all the time your guy is standing there shouting “shoot me I’m over here, no not over there, over here” It is such a bad part of the game and something that really needs something to be done to fix it . It’s worse than the game crashing.

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Think about it. What benefit is it to seek cover when it becomes useless when shot from.

To prevent from being shot at