Armadillo does not have a weapon

I got an armadillo from a haven… Traded for it.
It didnt come with a gun… It cant attack anything.

Ive gotten armadillos before and i know they have a machinegun on them… But this one just doesnt.
Tried it in multiple missions and it still has no weapon… It ruined my legend ironman run.

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Here. Check out the video lol.

Last I heard from other user report it’s a ‘bug’ with the higher difficulties where vehicles are stripped of their weapons and abilities.

Given the OP brokeness of things like the Armadillo and how just using them as easy win cheese tactics is a long standing approach for some months now, I quite like the idea of them becoming just armoured transports on higher difficulties if Snapshot have no intention of balancing them properly for the sake of giving lower difficulties a powerful tool, however if that were to be made a actual rule to the game it should be explicitly stated on the difficulty descriptions when making a new game.

I think it’s not a bug it’s a command issue same happen to me. Like all Armadillos are gunless from Havens and all Mutog are the same hammer tail no regen. Once you have the tech you can build your own Armadillos this time will come with guns. The bad side is we cannot just get rid of the hoax Armadillo just wasting my storage space. Guess you have to waste your time and mission to drive them one by one and kill it in missions.

An armadillo with no gun has no value at all… It must be a bug.

It takes up 3 soldier slots just so you can do what? drive around the map a little bit until it explodes after taking like 7 shots?
(in legend thats around all the damage it can handle with enemies doing around 150 damage per shot)

And most missions are based around killing enemies or destroying structures… Not really trying to drive somewhere on the small maps.

Seems to me they just forgot to disallow the equipment strip that comes with higher difficulties when it comes to vehicles.

Also, the armadillo even with the gun is total garbage when compared to the scarab.
Exploding arcing rounds vs a los machinegun? No contest.
They have almost the same amount of hp… Armadillo can take like one or two more shots.
I do not see how this thing could be considered op… It literally cant do anything but drive around and shoot… And in my case… Just drive around.

Yes actually i love Mutogs a lot more it can run, jump, attack, and eat enemies to gain health and AP. It also regen per limbs per turn. The down side is they are also bug as hell. They cannot extract from mission. So if you walk into ambush or kill and retreat mission. You basically have to load the save because there’s no evacuate option for Mutog even you wipe the whole map. It’s a shame cause it is a great scout + tank.

This is kinda funny to me, because I just started using an Armadillo in my legend ironman run, and not for the weapon. Man those things make a strong APC. I put 4 people in it and just ride them around. I cycle them out of it to make attacks and then cycle them back in. The Technician has no problem keeping it alive. I mean, I’m not saying it is a perfect strat or anything, but the Armadillo vehicle, even without a weapon, is baller.

Sorry that you ran into troubles though mate!

you can do the same thing with the scarab except it can shoot.

Yeah, and the Scarab definitely has the better weapon. But the bang of an APC isn’t even in the weapon. The Scarab has 5 shots, sure it can melt a few things, but it doesn’t put out damage the way a heavy or a sniper does. The real oomph you can get out of an APC is protection and speed.

The extra 300 or so HP on the Armadillo makes it more sustainable than a Scarab, especially with a good technician. And let me tell you buddy, if you get good vehicle placement and a strong unit cycle, it is just silly. My guys have been pretty much untouchable.

It also combos well with flamethrowers. I don’t know how much you use flamethrowers, but you can just paint the landscape with flames and ride around in your armadillo. It is pretty fun.

I used my scarab once, and from then on NO ammo! How do you reload it? Or is that a bug? It also only had 3 shots. Someone had 5? Nice. Mine sure didn’t.

the vehicles currently reload their ammo as time passes on the geoscape

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No you dont understand. It spawned with no GUN.
That was its first mission.

That is bogus though. Vehicle weapons should be craftable independent of the vehicle. Then we could have a variety of weapons that we could slap on the turret mount. xD

Sounds like an oversight. When hiring soldiers on highest difficulty they come without weapons, that is fine. They must have applied same thing to vehicles, which is a silly thing to do, as you can’t equip vehicles manually.

fixed already in today’s patch