Armadillo Ram Damage Indicator

Long story short, I went to ram the crab queen, which i had down to about half health and it disabled one of her legs and proceeded to kill her. So it does feel like the ram does a bit too much damage, and an indicator of how much damage the ram can do would be nice.

Also an indicator of how far it goes while we are at it. Possibly with an option to regulate that?

Not sure it does too much damage, but ramming hard objects (buildings, rock formations, a stubborn queen) should damage the armadillo in return.

You can only use Armadillos RAM function if he have all his time units.
Then it is logical that he will drive for so long that he will consume all his time units.
Here’s an example in the picture with an initial and final position.

I was just watching the ram ability in action on various streams (I haven’t played the current build yet).

One of the things that stood out about it was that you could ‘ram’ a target from point blank range and inflict massive damage. For example, even when the queen is right on top of you it is still possible to ram her as if you had just taken a long run up and hit top speed…

…obviously due to the proximity (both units virtually occupying the same space) the animation just shows the vehicle edge forward a tiny amount without any speed at all, no collision as such takes place, yet massive damage is inflicted…

…So perhaps the ram ability should require that the vehicle is at a certain distance from the target just to be able to initiate the ram attack (as a way of balancing the ability and/or making it interesting tactically). Basically damage should probably vary depending on the range of the run up/speed achieved.

I think I would also expect the vehicle to be susceptible to damage when hitting various indestructible terrain features/objects at speed.


RAMing is nice adition, especially to queen that nothing else should approach.

Beside nice destruction APC use causes, from physix it would be most realistic if RAMing damage would be greater if distance is bigger - RAming needs speed. It would be virtual opossite of e.g. reducing chance of hit by distance for soldier weapons.

This would take the tactics of close up RAMing (that seems to bug the queen too) if not impossible, then not so easy and damage rewarding.

It would be nice, but now we can just remember that 20 damage is the number. :wink:


Ram damage just should scale with every tile passed, that’s the best solution, I think