Armadillos need a boost

I just had a mission agaisnt NJ rating impossible.

Because of the threat point Armadillos have it spawned 3 of them. Thing is you just have to shoot off the turret and the entire vehicle is now useless.

So that was like 60% of their force disabled in 3 shots…

All vehicles need to be redesigned. Right now they are not useful or a threat.

.Maybe have more that one weapon system? Like one long range weapon (inefficient up close) and one close range? Like the stomping legs on Chirons.
.Have a repair function that takes all 4 APs like recover. That can rebuild the weapon. That way you need to totally eliminate the vehicle.

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And for the love of god bring back ramming or the ability to run over a smaller enemy.


One should keep in mind that Armadillo is an APC, not a tank, so don’t expect it to be able to fight all the enemies single-handedly. Though it might’ve had a weapon better than a clone of a man-portable heavy MG, indeed. Also it could be handy to have vehicles being equipped with an inventory of their own, so that they can carry spare ammo for soldiers to pick up during a mission. That would increase their usefulness, e.g. during Lair clearings - the terrain there seldom allows for an APC to drive all the way to the Spawnery. But due to constant Pandoran respawns soldiers can run dry of ammunition, if you are not fast enough, so a mobile ammo depot could be handy.

I was on a extreme-level haven defense mission against a scylla and bunch of crabs and tritons with three units and a scarab. With a little bit of thinking, I was able to use the scarab quite effectively. This was on “hard” difficulty level.

Though, I’d agree: if i had four heavies, or something like it, instead of that scarab, the fight would have been won more easily.

All vehicles do. It seems they haven’t gotten around finishing them.

Four trained heavies you mean? :wink:
The main advantage of vehicles, to my mind, is that you get a more or less combat-ready unit in relatively short time (even less if you recruit fraction vehicles from havens). In situations when you have to operate multiple teams along with garrisoning your bases against attacks, shortage of trained personnel becomes prominent. In that cases I deploy vehicles to fill the gaps, though using teams with armor support can require change of tactics.