DLC working properly?

Bought the DLC, download it, played a new game but there are no mutation tabs or Bionic tab. The only thing i haven’t tried is reinstalling. Now i haven’t been playing for over a year now. So are mutations and Bionics something you have to earn from faction rep, then you get them? Or do you start the game out with those tabs on level 1 toons. Thx

Mutation and Bionics are faction tech. I don’t believe you have the tabs at start, same way you don’t have the ODI bar at the start.

You get mutations from the Anu when you are high enough rep with them; this has always been the case even before the DLC.

To get bionics wait until someone contacts you about them, and by wait I mean do normal things like go clear sites. Mine came right after clearing a nest.

tldr mutations/bionics are not immediately available to you