DLC 1 questions

Is it necessary to follow specific factions to get the bionics?

In the video I saw, that each part was bound to NJ or Synedrion. Most from/for NJ.
So do you only get limited bionics for Synedrion, most for NJ and none for Anu?

Or am I completely wrong?

i am under the impression that you get bionics (first set) from subject 24 or whatever number it is, from the pure “angry stuttering repetitive robot dude”. and then i dont remember where i got the second bionic enhancement set, i think its from when you get to 50 aliance points with a aliance im pretty sure (mine was syndrion, but i think any one will do). and subject 24 says " you betrayed me come fight me one v one at this location", i got destroyed and restarted game before going to face the pure

Just found out, you get the first Bionics from Subject 24 mission, the 3rd row from a Synedrion mission, 2nd row from a NJ mission.

The last one seems not to spawn, if you are hostile towards NJ.