DLC after 7-8 runs, nothing new, no DLC event happend

I am disappointed, even after 7-8 missions nothing new. What the hell did I buy as DLC? Where’s the faction or mission for all this stuff? Don’t tell me I have to do 20 missions to discover something new. What the hell were you thinking?

Could be random? Got the ‘bionic’ faction first mission on about my 6th to 7th mission.

Thank you for the feedback.I thought the PP would take a stand, but as usual they don’t know what’s going on… Random? You’re kidding me, I didn’t randomly buy DLC? What’s going on there?

I don’t know the trigger for sure but for me the DLC mission appeared right after I did my first nest. Maybe it’s tied to that?

Yep! That’s what I think happened to me.

Hiding DLC content doesn’t help much. Sorry, I expected more but now, as usual, it’s the player’s fault to discover something new.

Nothing wrong with that, but I’m done. It feels like a beta. Please do your homework before you publish a DLC.

:slight_smile: DLC elements are too late in the game -> implication -> game is like a beta. :smiley:


Well, thanks for your feedback, maybe I have to restart the game 20 times to get ahead? No, thank’s. DLC is and always will be a mystery.

For me it triggered when factions completed some early research (don’t remember which). Shortly after the first haven defence. That’s pretty early game.

Also, this DLC isn’t “here are some nice weapons because you paid us for it”.

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It’s not late in the game, though. As people already pointed out you’ll get the first mission fairly early in the game. I too got it after first heaven defense. Perhaps OP was expecting to start with a full cyborg squad right away ? :wink:

I sometimes truly wish everything would go back to physical distribution so that people would stop using “dlc” synonymously with the word “expansion”. Skins in Fortnite are dlc, music packs in Crusader Kings 2 are dlc. The only true dlc so far for PP is Living Weapons and even that requires an event chain to get.

Well there has always been “DLC”. Goes all the way back to the 90s, with games like Lemmings and Worms having level packs and expansions that you had to pay for a mail order to get.

The times they may have changed, but the same things exist. Even patching of games goes really far back too.

Imagine how bad it was for developers who released games with game breaking bugs back in the old days. They used to have to do a recall of the game from stores to be replaced with a new version with the bugs fixed. Now they just put out a new update and you have it a few minutes later. I prefer this new way.

Just to be sure: You checked the DLC checkbox when you started a new game? IIRC it is not activated by default (which I would prefer).

"The Blood and Titanium DLC contains some narrative missions for The Pure subfaction. These missions give certain technologies as a reward, which are required to complete The Pure story arc. These missions are time-sensitive once they appear on the Geoscape, and should be responded to ASAP.

If these missions are missed, don’t worry - it is still possible to obtain the required tech in other ways (such as through stealing and reverse engineering).

We will be releasing a hotfix next week to provide a timer for the player to see how long is remaining to complete the mission"1

Tell me, who screwed up?

You said you have seen nothing new. The very first thing you see from The Pure is a video segment, not a time sensitive mission. If you have not seen that video then you have not triggered that mission yet.

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My concern was to point out that the DLC content should not be triggered randomly or optionally but should be available as an additional quest line. As in my case, I missed the quest for whatever reason. There is no getting back just by stealing. PP has addressed it and will fix it.

And what I and several people in here pointed out is that it is not random. It is triggered after the first Heaven defense - which, again, is fairly early.

There are triggers, of course. There obviously is no button “Do DLC content now”.

Most negative feedback is warranted, unfortunately. This one is not.


Shall I remind you?

Your comment:
(edit) I always come off as a dick when criticizing. It’s really not meant like that :frowning:

and you’re the one who can judge that? Don’t think I remember addressing you personally. The quest is still not properly implemented, whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant.

I have already shown why this is not warranted. You are just trolling at this point and I guess I fell for it. Of course those time critical missions need to be fixed; but again that’s not the problem you ran into. It’s not what this thread was about.