How to get Bionics?

Can someone please tell me, what unlocks each tier of Bionics?

In my first playthrough I lacked the light tier, because I didn`t pay the 250 Materials to the Synedrion.

In my second playthrough I can`t get the 2nd tier. What is necessary for it?

The first two sets i got from a mission against a NJ heaven and for the 3rd Synedrion bionics there was another mission some time later against a Synedrion haven.
For now my first and only playthrough with the DLC, so i can’t say how this will be different for every playthrough.

I’m near endgame and the the mission for getting 2nd row Bionics still didn`t spawn.

Did I have to keep up good relationships to NJ to get it? I love to raid NJ a lot, till I get the Sniper from them and the armour.

I really don’t know, I got the NJ bionic mission pretty early without having any contact with them beforehand. It was a bit strange because this mission also revealed the first heaven of NJ to me, without the normal NJ starting mission but this bionic mission. Then when I discovered a second heaven from NJ, there was the normal starting mission.