Does this deal with Epic mean that the unreached stretch goals could be implemented?

There was $765,948 raised, and if it reached $850,000, floating bases would have been confirmed and at 1,2 million dollars underwater missions. Surely the total amount of money they gathered after this deal would be over 1,2 million, as I saw a screenshot here of a developer saying that even if everyone refunded their preorder, they would still end up with more money than they had before the deal. So would these features ever be implemented then, maybe as one or two of the major DLCs that the developers are hyping up?

Underwater missions were not confirmed but probably it is on the list of those 3 DLCs. It is hard to get official confirmation on this forum. :wink:

Good question. Iā€™d love to hear about what it coming now :slight_smile:

Juian has said in the clarification thread that the two unmet stretch goals will form the basis for two of the dlc from the free year of dlc