DLC 5 about Vehicles, why?

Final DLC will be about vehicles… why?

You did not even add new aircraft for FS which was about air, so why a DLC about vehicles at the end of development?

We already got vehicles, they are doing their purposes. I won’t talk about their balance as the game got no balance at all so it’s not a problem specially for them.

So what? a new weapon for them and maybe modules? You already got that system and UI with FS.

I don’t see a point to make a DLC about vehicles at all as the game needs so many development time at it’s base and other DLC’s half-baked content and concepts.

We already got working vehicles. Adding something on them would break many things as DLC. Something so little should be a free content patch at max.

Do something save the game rather then making non-sense things… add mod support if you got development time… add second wave options…

Vehicle DLC… looks like a horse armor level idea and cash grab…


Why not? Especially, as people seem to often want more to do with vehicles. As to why not earlier? I dunno, because more people seemed to wanted air combat?

We don’t know what they plan to do for vehicle DLCs, but you contradict yourself here. If vehicle DLCs is cheap, low efford cash grab, then surely it can’t be simply exchanged to changing the game in a fundamental way - like rewriting the game so it’s more modding friendly. Both modding and second wave options would, of course, be very nice to have though. Also better gun sounds, nicer animations, overall diplomacy overhaul, skill overhaul, hell, just do the sequel already.

Again, we don’t know what this DLC will consist of. As far as I know no one suggested those will be skins only.

I’m not sure you can say that a £11.40 expansion pass for three DLCs is a cash grab. I mean, if it were, it’d be a very humble cash grab. Setting my expectations by the price, I’ll be happy with some custom decals for the vehicles and different loadouts, like maybe sending out a drone for recon.

Speak for yourself. I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t remember that I am speaking for yourself or used your name.

Vehicles aren’t really working well in the game. Aside from the Legacy of the Ancients DLC weapons, there are no meaningful weapon upgrades in the game—aside from the Sneak Attack perk that infiltrators get. So if you want (or need) to do more damage in order to fight against bullet sponge enemies that keep getting more armour and hit points, then the solution is to level up your soldiers and pour as many skill points into your soldiers as possible.

Since Skill Point basically unlock “weapon upgrade” soldier perks, earning as many skill points as possible is crucial—especially on higher difficulty levels like Veteran, Heroic, and Legend. But taking a vehicle on a mission means that three soldiers won’t be earning any skill points. So there is a huge incentive in the game to keeping vehicles parked in a base.

The only time I end up using vehicles are on the special mission where I can recover them, a base defence mission (if there is a vehicle at that base), and the second mission in the opening tutorial. I often put vehicles in spare aircraft that are mining resources at Ancient sites, so they have that use too. But for regular combat missions, not so much.

Vehicles need some love. If they had drivers or pilots, and the player could level them up somehow, then they wouldn’t be as useless as they currently are.

Not true. Slamstrike, Hel, Gungnir, Jormungandr, Raven, Piranha, Thor, Harrower, Gorgon, Destiny, Scorcher are all good replacement for earlier weapons.

Most of those weapons are side-grades. The Harrower, for example, provides the player with a shotgun that is does about 14% more damage than the base shotgun. And the Rven sniper rifle does about 18% more damage than a basic sniper rifle. And you have to give up something like range (basically accuracy) when equiping one of these “upgraded” weapons. Sure, some of those weapons do some “piecing damage” but often not enough to get through thick armour on late-game enemies. Perhaps in the mid-game, sone of those piercing weapons are somewhat viable,

The Gorgon, on the other hand, does double the damage, a full 100% increase in damage as well as provides an increase in range and ammo capacity. So, I stand corrected. That weapon is a meaningful upgrade.

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Why would we assume at this point that a sequel would be any better? I will bet that it will fare just as well as this one did however.

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As a Legend-only player I fundamentally disagree with the idea that you need skill points. Vehicles render everything in the game a joke. Every single mission is easily done with the vehicle, except maybe that final mission which can be gamed in other ways… if you’re not spending SP on any soldiers, and keep taking the same 6 soldiers (3 in two different aircraft) to most missions throughout the game, you already got 6/9 of a squad that’ll be pumped full of stats by end game.

Now. The funny and even more sad thing… if we really want to get down into, and want to agree at any point that “More SP is needed.” there’s a mechanic in the game that allots you infinite SP. Fly to any haven of any faction. Raid it. Immediately evac. +5 sp for all soldiers. Repeat until you’re satisfied with SP. FAR better and more effective/effecient than not taking a vehicle. Is it an exploit? Definitely. What in this god forsaken game isn’t though?

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It’s sadly true, as most of the LotA weapons are sides or melee too. There is no better AR or HMG after early game, Other weapons come too late when you soldiers are already OP and weapons do not matter.

LotA weapons are just power house, worse then cheat anyway.

Good question. On the assumption that they will keep what’s good in PP1, and improve what wasn’t.

Sequels in gaming tend to be better, unless game1 really nailed what it was going for. I can’t think of a weaker game1 which wasn’t followed by a stronger entry.

I assume devs know what they are doing. Crowdfunding pitch was very good, and the final result didn’t quite turn out as desired. With updates PP has been getting better, so I have no reason to assume that devs aren’t aware of issues, or are clueless on how to proceed. So I assume that when given a clean slate, PP2 would be better, then PP1 that needs to keep most of it’s flawed features.

And what proportion of power was in next weapon grades in the old games? Like +20% damage? I don’t see the big difference.

Yes, yes, ramming and passing through buildings and more vehicles.

They have been neglected in past Xcom games, here are good but not used enough.

True, but 2 point blank blasts from a Harrower will kill a fully-armored Siren whereas the others will do little to no (Armis) damage.

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Also true. Raw damage is not the only stat player should look at. :wink:

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high dammage low ammo.

Would change for mid damage, more ammo, ramming and passing through buildings any time.

Also late in game vechicle that can transport a bit more, heal, paralyze and have some humble mini gun would be my thang.