The forums went silent

Time for a new update, I guess.

I wanted to make thread with list of all suggestions for game features and improvements with some indication how much we players want it. But I don’t have time for this. Maybe someone will make it? :smiley: And a voting button to select most important. :wink: If those will make it to the game then we can cross them out. :star_struck:

Some news arrived. Next build will have vehicle(s). :slight_smile: Release is planned for 1st July.

Isn’t there an unwritten rule that the customer only thinks they know what they want?

I might choose the colour I want, but I wouldn’t tell the carpenter how to build the wardrobe. :grinning:

But as a customer you can choose details sometimes. Nevertheless I don’t want them to do all of this. Just give them list of ideas. :wink: I will be happy if they will do everything they announced and maybe 10% of what was mentioned here. But who knows maybe they plan all of this without sharing this knowledge.

well you can watch a one soldier run then XD

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Is that true? I’m curious how vehicles will turn, because in the OG they can turn 360 on spot.

David Kaye wrote that on facebook in responce to question about “cars”. :smiley: But I’m not quite sure if he meant upcoming build or next one. :wink:

It’s also actually going to be July 2nd, not the 1st. The 1st is a Sunday.

I needed a towel after news that good.