Base overun, but

My Tiamat didn´t make it in time. Okay. My bad.

The 2 soldiers living at the base didn´t get a defence mission!

I´m happy about that. They would most likely just have died.

But it´s a bug. The defence mission should have triggered!?

Was this the only attack being launched within the same time frame? I’ve had dual Ancient Site & PP base attacks triggered back-to-back. One is triggered and the other is not.


I experienced something similar. I had a base defence and a simultaneous ancient site defence. I scrambled teams to both locations, fought one battle. The other attack force just disappeared.


That dual ancient site / PP base attack thing, has happened to me a couple of times. The base attack seems to take priority but if after you fly away from and return to the ancient site, the attack triggers.

I had no other event/attack in that time-frame.