Pandoran base attacks aren’t much fun

Okay so I hope there could be some changes to pandoran base attacks. They aren’t much fun. You fly your guys there with 24 hours of warning, you start scattered all around for no reason, you can’t build defenses or put up barricades to hide behind… like couldn’t we buy a turret or two to point at the obvious choke point to change it up and make it more entertaining?

They’re a slog to be honest, and the cover options are awful. And they all appear to be the same map.


Agreed, this has been an issue since release! There is one exception to the layout. Yet they all have the defense off in some corner eating pizza and playing poker instead of setting up a defense. Come’on devs time to do something!


The main problem I feel, is there is very little gameplay involved because you always know where the Pandas are coming from. And when you get the flame grenades you just chuck a couple and problem solved. I think they should appear from more than one point. If there are multiple places around the base they can appear from you would be up for more of a fight. Something like Xenonauts those base defenses are hella fun and unpredictable.


Soo missed opportunity.

Many things they should have just started with the old games and then improved on that solid concept.


I would just dig some defenses we could invest in and build. Turrets etc we could build like in xcom when the avenger is assaulted. Maybe some shielded pillars for the central room for cover. Something for a technician to take over with that skill that we can never use.

They’re just not very fun missions. Tons of bad guys, terrible cover, which is weird because it’s my base and it shouldn’t be some of the worst cover in the game.


Long story short:

Advanced base design was in the works. They scrapped it for this. There’s been no response from the devs on this in over 2 years (as far as I’m aware).

You decide what to do with that information.

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