Restored Leg By Tech, But Still Limited Movement

One would think that if a tech restores disabled limbs, the unit would then have full function of said limbs. However, I restored the leg on a heavy and they still have limited movement. Is this correct or a bug?

Did you use Field Medic several times? until limb color changed?


It changed from red to orange. Once the limb is no longer disabled, it should then be a limb one can use.

I checked with this soldier, and I indeed moved him 21 tiles

Mine was limited to 3. I did send an F12 bug report.

Ok, did you try fully restored limbs? without color? several field medic actions

Was he under the effect of stun or some other status that could have reduced his movement/AP?

Not to my knowledge. Dealing with New Jericho in Project Vulture mission. Damage occurred by rocket attack. I might still have a save I can pull up to double check.

No Daze or Paralyze: