Both legs crippled, soldier stuck in wall

So this is probably a fairly rare glitch. I had a couple of soldiers at the corner of a building, one against the wall and another nearby behind a pillar or something. An enemy launched a grenade which hit both my units and crippled both legs of the soldier next to the building. (Side note, enemy grenades seem way more powerful than our soldier’s ones… Perhaps too powerful if they can just cripple half a soldier like that.)
Anyway, I healed the soldier before he died from bleeding or side shots and managed to take out any aliens that could aim at him. However, when I tried to move him he could only move one square (fair enough, his legs were crippled) but the bugged part is that I could only move him to one square next to him. When I moved to that square my only option the next turn was to move him back to the previous square he had been standing on.
The wall of the building had been destroyed and inside was a cabinet that seemed to be indestructible. it didn’t come up with the shield cover icon but when I tried to aim at it with my soldier to try to destroy it my soldier was too close and couldn’t aim at it. I then tried to use my soldier’s grenade to destroy everything around one of the spaces so that he could move away and hopefully get free but instead nothing inside the building was damaged and my soldier, who was about half a foot out of the grenade explosive range was hit and killed.

It could be simply do do with how soldiers move when crippled or it could be to do with the placement next to the building combined with the movement penalty. I would have sent an in game bug report but the tool doesn’t work for me since it times out while trying to send a screenshot.

Hope this helps!

I had today similar bug. My soldier got hit with enemy grenade and lost both legs. He could move 1 tile in next turn but then happened something strange. I had to heal him, moved him and he still had AP to shot. So i did it to kill the grenadier. And it showed up that I can shot again… and again. My soldier had unlimited AP pool. After killing grenadier (2 burst) i give overwatch order. And in next turn I couldn’t move that soldier. But he could fire unlimited number of times. So AP pool for movement after reaching 0 gave him infinite AP pool for other actions. :slight_smile:

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In terms of grenade power, that’s fairly normal. There’s a lot of RNG that goes into, and the explosion placement seems to have some effect. For example if your grenade gets thrown into a shield crabs shield, it can do virtually no damage. But I have had plenty of my own grenades completely decimate enemies. On more than one occasion, one of my soldier’s grenades destroyed both an enemy’s legs, their gun arm, their gun, and their head.

You’re missing the point. This isn’t a feedback thread about grenades being OP. This is a bug thread about glitches occurring after a soldier is hit by a grenade. In my case my soldier was effectively stuck in a wall. IN Yokes’ case his soldier was able to shoot infinitely despite his AP bar being empty.

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You’re missing the point. I was clearly responding to your side point, not your main point. There’s not much to respond to as a person not creating the game in terms of your main point.