Paralysed rescue target making a mission last 30+ turns

Short feedback on this little issue. One of the Pure technicians is a particularly vicious bastard who kept using their neurazer on my rescue target:

A paralysis value of 38/17 just as I managed to swoop in and save him.

I don’t think this is particularly helpful for gameplay, especially if Pur start spawning in endless numbers in a future patch. Realistically speaking, I’ve got enough bodies to lift him home under fire, but this is not possible in game.

Can we have some kind of medikit that heals paralysis, or some other way to help poor victims of tazer brutality? Thanks.

That’s annoying, I agree.

I suggest a new feature: carrying/dragging the fellow soldier across the battlefield to Evac zone.

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Zip him to your backpack!

Nice punishment for slow approach of the player. If you would take care of enemy technician in first turn then none of that paralysis would have happened. :wink:

There should certainly be punishment for mistakes in this game genre, but it would also be nice to counter mistakes, at least with certain efforts, to reduce the consequences slightly. That would be for the “carrying” (soldier useless but I can save him from the danger zone).

Sorry, If I got used to that, too many hours playing X-com TFTD :wink:



Yes, I love this design.

That dude endured 2 turns of zapping! Serves me right for giving the team priest a three-face instead of the Mayan headdress of WIN.

Upvote this suggestion in the Feedback site.

It’s often not possible to quickly put shots into enemies near the rescuees unless you’re a skill exploit kind of player (no judgement, just an observation).

do you have a link for canny?

It’s in the breadcrumb menu for the Phoenix point site.

Perfect, I did it

Phase Two diplomacy mission for New Jericho(last one before Allied) is paradigm of this issue,

you face 6 Snipers using Athena and Hera , or a mix with Aspida vehicles

it’s hard to avoid a paralyzed soldier, and after killing every Synd soldier you have to “end turn” so many times, so boring