Soldier Information and "traps"

While playing the Fort Freiheit, my Heavy (at least I think it’s the heavy… The one with the jetpack) was shot in the head and his head was “disabled”. I think it decreased his willpower. Later in the mission, an alien blasted the ground he was standing on, and he fell down to a lower level. This ended up trapping him down there, since he couldn’t climb (not sure if it was because of his disabled head or simply because the jetpack guy can’t climb) and he didn’t have enough willpower to use his jetpack. He couldn’t even regain enough willpower with the “Recover” ability since his maximum willpower had been reduced to 1 (probably also because of the disabled head). Luckily for me, he could still see some aliens from his new location and was still useful.
I found it difficult to move him around on the lower level on which he was stuck, since there’s a bridge above that particular lower level and it wasn’t possible to click on all the tiles below the bridge since the mousewheel couldn’t bring the point of view any lower.

It would be really nice with a character sheet (although I actually expect that this is already being worked on) and I for one would love more details on the injuries and damages (disabled head, disabled wheel (for APC), etc.) since it now seems you only get the information once - when the disabling occurs.

Maybe it’s also already possible to re-enable disabled parts with the mechanic or with the medkit (although this didn’t seem like the case). It’s also entirely possible that the jetpack - for balancing reasons - should only cost 1 willpower seeing as it also costs 100% of the action points, making it a very risky to use.

I now realize I should have screenshot the ordeal, but that’s too late now. I just hope this post makes at least a little sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Heavy can’t climb because he is ‘heavy’ :slight_smile:

You have information what has been disabled near his hp bar (small human silhouette with red icons) - damaged have yellow icons

Technician can heal disabled body parts. Medkid don’t

So you should go down there with your technician, heal heavy, recover willpoints and fly away. :wink: