Diplomacy gains when at mission %

What happens when you gain diplo points but are at one of the mission breakpoints (ie 24%)? Are all excess points just wasted until you complete the mission, or is the % still going up in the background and will jump when I complete the mission?
Unfortunately I got a diplo mission in Antarctica I can’t reach, so I want to know if I’m wasting my time getting more points.

My multiple play throughs indicate they are wasted.

you are wasting time

Thanks guys. I’ll keep a closer eye on it in future playthroughs and plan a bit more. Shame inaccessible missions can mess this up though.

Indeed. I just started a new campaign after taking a break to wait for this patch. First faction to get to 24% was Anu, and their loyalty mission was in Australia. I started from South America, so… yeah. Immediate campaign restart for me. Which I don’t mind, really. I’ve been playing Phoenix Point with constant restarts anyway, to test out different things. But these mission spawns really need to be fixed at some point.