Different flight lengths for Manticores

My Manticore 1 has bigger flight length als Manticore 2
Flight length of Manticore 1

Flight length of Manticore 2

Maybe they have different stats? Other than that. Nice playthrough. 6 Phoenix Bases! I didn’t even find my second yet. And 2 Manticores with 2 Armadillos sound like good lineup to eradicate anything thaw will pop up

My first thought was the same as yours. But as long as I am not find the 3 Manticore I can not know.
At the moment, I have 2 Manticores and 4 Armadillos.
Currently I explored the whole of Asia, North America and parts of Europe.
My exploration is currently going to all Europe and South America
Australia has a bug, as you can not get to it, as there are not enough havens on the way to it.

I will make a post on the forum, what I already explored… :wink:

This was something left over from the original Geoscape prototype. Whenever your Manticore discovers a new Phoenix base, it gets a small range increase. This was a quick and dirty way to represent being able to upgrade your transport over the course of the game.


Nice to know and the problem(bug) is fixed… :smiley:

Why would you want to get to Australia? Everything there wants to kill you. Oh wait.

It’s not a bug it’s a “feature…”

Yes I now it now… :sweat_smile:
I will use words from another forum user: “I would think it helps when you know what’s going on. I didn’t and thought bug. I mean, it walks talks and eats cornflakes like a bug.”

I want to see :koala::crab: men…:rofl:

Australia - where every crab, mist sentinel, and face hugger is also venomous, and 5x bigger than normal.

Edit: Then again, Australia may be the only “safe place” on earth, as their spiders kill any invading crab men, toads poison hungry face huggers, and the Snakes and koalas deal with anything that survives those.