What's going on here?

I fly to a destination where I find a second manticore, then everything goes nuts. I try to fly to another destination and it wont let me, I have to fly the empty manticore somewhere which starts the first manticore flying. It’s all gone a little mad.

Bug or am I missing something?

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There’s a bug where it doesn’t automatically unpause when you find a second Manticore. You can unpause by hitting space.

It’s annoying, we know. But we will fix it.


Ah, right, found myself a bug. It’s give me a sense of usefulness. :slight_smile: Thanks.


I’m not sure if it was intended behaviour. It seems like the game will only unpause if all transports have move orders. If you select Manticore 1 and right click somewhere, then click Manticore 2 and click somewhere, it will then unpause.

But I agree, it isn’t very intuitive at the moment.


We are not quite sure how to make this intuitive. If it un-pauses when only one aircraft is given orders, and you are on the fastest speed, then hours could rush by before you manage to hit the manual pause button so you can give your second craft orders. This time could easily be the difference between a haven being destroyed or not. You could manage it by making sure you select slowest speed before issuing aircraft orders, but I don’t see how that is more intuitive. At the moment the automatic un-pause will only trigger when both craft have orders.


I was having trouble giving the manned manticore orders while the empty one was grounded. It’s getting my head around the mechanics of it, which delude me at the present. Sometimes I would have to left click on my destination and other times right click, which added to my confusion.

The game could unpause and go to the slowest speed when you send the first manticore to a destination.

Hmm. And I don’t have any problem with that. I give orders and unpause manually. I see nothing wrong with that. And this mechanic just tells me that I can give order somewhere else.


I have no problems with this. You have to look at a bigger picture.
In the final game you will have various options at havens, from attacking, trading, building… So it’s quite logical for the game to pause because it expects the next command from you.
Now we do not have these options.
The only bug that currently present ist that the game does not automatically move to that location from a event(haven). You must click by yourself on Manticore 1 or 2 or … in the upper left corner and the game will automatically go to that location from event(haven).


I would think it helps when you know what’s going on. I didn’t and thought bug. I mean, it walks talks and eats cornflakes like a bug


I suppose that tutorial if full release will help with such situations. :wink:

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Currently the Manticores have different flight lengths and for me is these the second bug they have…

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The original X-COM had to deal with this same thing. The world map view had several settings for game speed, from 5 seconds/tick to 1 day/tick. Any time an event occurred (UFO sighting etc), the game paused and gave a choice of dropping to slowest speed or continuing with current speed. In addition, any time you opened some kind of menu (military base screen, issuing commands to interceptors, or whatever), the game paused for as long as you had that screen open.

This meant that you could select a destination for your aircraft on a paused map, but as soon as you clicked on the destination, everything started moving again. With the slowest speed setting, an interceptor could barely exit the hangar when you already were issuing orders to another aircraft (if you so chose).

I guess it doesn’t matter whether you switch between normal speed and pause, or between normal speed and crawling speed. Either way, the behavior needs to be consistent. Having only one aircraft may be an edge case in the finished game, but it can’t be handled differently. Either you need to pause/unpause throughout the game or you need some kind of speed settings where you can give multiple orders without hours going by between the mouse clicks.

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Just had the same thing happen to me when I found the second Manticore and the geoscape stopped moving! Then found this post. Started moving the second Manticore around and everything came back to life.

In the top left of the GUI, it has the two manticores listed. If you just have the one that has no orders flashing red, to draw the players attention. The player would then catch on where the problem is. As soon as they click the manticore that is flashing and give it a move order, the geoscape will start moving. As soon as that happens they will realise what is needed.

I think that highlighting vehicles on the dropdown list is good option, and centering view on events is good addition (but we should be able to disable it in options in case where our camera will swirl the globe too much - or even not in options but on the screen UI just like disabling travel for Manticore to too distant places like it is right now). I would also include those vertical markers (lights to the sky, like in WTC monument on 9/11) to show places which require our attention. Someone posted recently that screen of early geoscape concept, but there were markers for everything.

Vertical markers that flash or pulsate, the manticore flashing in the GUI list, both beat a note that pops up on screen when the second manticore is found. Anything that indicates to the player what the problem is without disrupting gameplay too much. :+1:

Vertical markers are cool by themselves -)

At the beginning I was confused, but then figured out it was intended and thought it was a good way to manage well the time. I have a couple of ideas that could make it feel more intuitive, though.

  • First, I think it would feel more intuitive if after issuing the order on the first manticore it would have you jump to the second manticore automatically selecting it so you can give it an order. Saves times and lets the player know why the game hasn’t unpaused.

  • Although it really helps managing time better, we need to have a way to manage which manticores are active and which ones aren’t. Having 5 manticores doesn’t mean you will want to use them all at the same time. Something like a checkbox in the UI, right next to the manticore name in the corner, would do the trick.

  • Lastly, I think it would really ease up things if we could issue orders ahead doing something like holding shift. I like using my empty manticore just for scouting sites, and I would like to have a way for tracing its whole route for scouting all unknown sites just once, so then I can just focus in micromanaging the ones that actually have soldiers and are responding to all the events. Nevermind, I’m an idiot. I went to check right after writing this comment, and this one actually is in the game right now.


That’s a great idea, an ‘in service’ or in ‘stand by’ check box in the GUI list would be a great way to manage several dropships.


I was searching on forum how manage pause because for Mac version and currently it’s not working like that’s and it’s tiresome.

The game break the pause at any ship movement order, it’s unmanageable.

Frankly I would suggest have an option disabling auto pause break.

I’ll read further the thread, perhaps before release the design changed, but on Mac I don’t see how players can manage the current setup.