Faction soldiers difference

What do you think about the idea of giving the soldiers of each faction some basic differences? Maybe lower price for skillpoints to increase strength for NJ, speed for Syn and will for Anu? Or give to Anu soldiers some basic mutations like a little regeneration. Just to emphasize their culture in tactics, not just external lore?


Good idea.

  • I’d like to see all soldiers be a little bit more different from one another, but faction differences would be good to have either way. :slight_smile:

While random perks are a fun bit that helps to add to the rogue like elements of recruitment, a way that might serve to rebalance the random personal perks might be to have 1 slot dedicated to a personal faction perk. The slot could then pull from a pool of perks that are unique to each faction. They could play with tactical or strategic aspects of the game with flavor from each faction without them being outright powerful.

Pack Rat, pull the Inventory -AP perk from the assault specialization and make it a faction personal perk for Anu.
Exult Mists, ignores the negative willpower effects of combat mist

Scout, +25% stealth and 2 speed at the start of a mission
Steady Conscience, regain 5 stamina after a successful haven rescue

Lock and Load, pull the free reload perk from the Assault specialization and make it a faction personal perk
Material World, increase the amount of material gained from successful missions

I actually thought more about Anu soldiers - this faction is causing serious doubts at the moment, and sametime their soldiers are useless at start. Therefore, I believe that their soldiers should have basic bonuses to explain (justify, balance) their worldview. Like, you know, “What, we betrayed humanity? No, we did not betray, but evolved a little more than you can comprehend. But the future of mankind is ours, it is already visible! Do not be afraid: look at what we already have, and soon we will take control of this mist and turn it in our favor, favor of reborn mankind! Just please, do not bother us and that mist to evolve”.
So it should show what preferences they got from mist against other aliens, like regeneration of HP/WP into fight, with later effect for ‘procedural aliens generation’ as 'stop use mist emitter hands, humans are happy with it!"
Or maybe stamina restore on strategy screen while aircraft is in mist area. Or maybe ‘aliens consumption’ for berserkers as a declared demonstration “we are against them, and we can use it as a steak!”. I just worrying about Anu :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is a good idea, these stats are too basic and nothing special. All Soldiers should just start with random values.

It’s a great idea from a lore perspective: One faction trains firearms extensively, another faction practices hand-to-hand, a third factions uses something different, etc.

From a gameplay perspective, faction-based abilities are great as long as they don’t disrupt balance or become part of a META min-max. There’s surely some middle ground between the two extremes, where faction abilities add some flavor and identity to each group but don’t feel like you absolutely must have them to build an effective soldier.

Would love if the faction soldiers had unique customization tied to their factions. Anu having mutations that are cosmetic, syn should have some cyber looking ones, and well the last one would be a good place to get normal looking people, more grizzled vet looks though.

As for gameplay varriance yeah the basic soldiers should really vary more between the factions.

I mean there should be second line modifiers that are unique based on faction.

Like for example these would not be 100% proc items some would be rare.

second line ideas: ANU

Mist walker: ignores negative effects of combat mist
Strong willed: If hit by a mind fragger, increase all action costs by 1 until it removes (fighting the fragger)
Iron willed (requies strong willed to roll): If hit by a mind fragger, gain temporary Armor instead of being mind controlled
From the fog: start map with permenant sight on two random alien hostiles (max of 6)
Humanity lost: gain a random mutation (this pulls from a list can be good or bad.)

second line ideas: NJ

Reactive plating: explosives do 75% less damage to this soldiers equipment
ammo pouches: +2 inventory space, said space can only hold ammo.
Grenade pouches: +2 inventory space, said space can only hold grenades (incompatable with ammo pouches only one or the other will roll)
Veteran training: While at base actively trains anyone lower level at 2x rate of training centers.

second line ideas: Syn

cyber eyes: increased accuracy on overwatch shots and pistol shots.
stealth master: harder to detect in battle, starts any fight hidden
Part time scientist: gives a small improvement to research speed while in base.
Full time scientist: (requires part time) if garrisoned in base heavily boosts research speed.
Surgical knowledge: increased heal rate for all in squad, +10% damage to limbs on enemies.

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Cybernetics are more New Jericho thing, so you can swap those human traits.

Overall nice ideas except cyber eyes in Synedrion -> New Jericho.

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@warbrand2 good ideas, just for factions’ specials, and without global rebalancing!

@Yokes, a very interesting, but probably ignored by the developers, conversation could start here, are you interested in this? :slight_smile: On the other hand, there’s nothing more to do in PP now. So, implants and mutations. Everything is clear and obvious with Anu - they use mutant genes generated by mist. This has already been implemented through their priests and mutation technology.
But all about the other two factions - it’s just our fantasies :slight_smile: Anyway, it is very difficult to determine which of the two will get high-tech implants … And what in this case will get the third faction?
I do not think that the Syns are so passionate about pure science that they refuse to change themselves and do without implants. Actually, this is more of a path for NJ. I mean, NJ are the militarists who abandon modern science for the complete extermination of aliens and the superiority of the human race …
So I suggest that NJs can use primitive robot implants to preserve combat readiness of wounded veterans, but without access to advanced technologies this is unlikely to add any effective bonuses. Maybe a one-time bonus of strength or mobility, or additional slots (expansion of the backpack). Or even built-in med.injectors. But cybernetics should be exactly in Syn’s charge. Cyber ​​eyes combine well with their weak laser weapons - they must be able to shoot accurately and from afar :slight_smile: Control of drones-turrets and stealth should also be in their charge. And enough for them - they are not militarists, and are generally too loved by everyone at the moment :slight_smile:

I think that Synedrion is so advanced they don’t need to modify their bodies. In fact they can stay purely human and can revert any changed to their bodies. Of course they can use external equipment to gain combat superiority. So I think they would just use some nano tech and some high-tech bracelets and head-bands to control anything they like and enhance what they want. :slight_smile: But this equipment after being useful can be put down and they can become unmodified farmers growing smelly peanuts. I think that Nicolai is only exception to wear artificial eye to remember all the deeds he went through.

New Jericho is as you have said. They will use cybernetics just to survive and maintain their combat prowess.

From the pictures we have, Yokes right, but it is not 100% clear to say if Tobias West uses a kind of cybernetic eye or just a hud here.

Most advanded tech could also be most advanced medic implants or prosthesis.

Well on this screen I think there is android (Adrestie) on the Synedrion part. So kind of way more advanced. :smiley:

In any case, I will support this line of development too - let the Syn be realized not through the advantages of their soldiers, but through their global technologies at a strategic screen. I just hope that the separation of technologies will be implemented depending on the political (faction) preferences of the player. In this case, the Syn will be the choice of clear scientists… Or those who like stealth fighters :slight_smile: