Disciples of Anu are too weak

You could succeed with onlt NJ squad soldiers, final mission, but you could not with DoA, their lack of Tech, specially grenade launchers, SR and Technician using healing/recovering body parts, and Turrets, making them too weak.

Even its sub-faction can’t fight properly mid-game in Scavenging or haven attacks missions, you wipe them out with Heavy/Sniper from a distance

They are fast, Priests have MC, Iconoclast SG is poweful, but at the end they are inferior to New Jerico and Synedrion

They don’t panic, they can’t have disabled body parts, they can sense and scare enemies and even mind control them… It is not powerful? One thing that bothers me is lack of armor… but still not too much.

Not really, bc they depend on proximity, and you can take them down from a very long range

That is why they have fast armors and frenzy. Yes, against a player they can be weak. But in players hands they are quite useful against AI.

Anu deadly in the beginning and mid game. Like any other faction. After you have some soldiers level 7 any enemy wiped out in few turns.

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the priest is an insanely strong class, the ability to simply pull flunkies from the enemy is strong. the viral effects apparently boosted in the latest patch as well, giving priests the options to put enemies in endless panic spirals much faster then before.

panda acid weapons have been affected by the nerf, but player acid weapons have not. umhullu and sanctifier can be used to strip targets and make them vulnerable for the iconoclast…if one doesn’t want to use the berzerkers armor break skill.

mutation tech gives acces to strong armor and various special abilities…

when using anu classes and equipment, I can’t say its weak. often clunky to use but not weak. when fighting anu I have to say they are the easier faction to deal with due to their focus on close range. (note that, a hammerblow, point blank iconoclast or nergals wrath hit will still hurt) where syn has its pinpoint accuracy and deadly stealth snipers and jericho has brute strength and explosives (well explosive weapon…its mainly the fury that gives them an edge, they are pretty bad at using their deceptor).

I agree with that, SR + accuracy, Heavy bombing, it’s too much for them

at that was my point, close range+armor+speed, but if they can’t reach you…
and viral weapons could hurt (HP + panic) , but midgame–>endgame armors 30-40 are too strong for those

I don’t like 'em. I don’t use their troops because I don’t like the magic powers. For me you could take them out of the game and i wouldn’t shed a tear. I’d amalgamate them with the forsaken and rewrite their entire backstory. Having them as corrupted havens that actively disrupt PP operations with haven corruption contibuting to a reformed doom meter. But this would be with other changes i’d make to the pacing and scale.

To be true each faction has magical skills. :slight_smile:

That would be against the lore - the best thing universe of the game has. :wink:

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Yeah true enough but i don’t know I just can’t warm to them.

I hate facing Syn on open fields, but I’m even more afraid of Anu jumping out of the corner with their shotguns.

Maybe an AI tweak would do the trick - make sure that they don’t end their turn in the open (unless they’re attacking), but rather in some cover, out of player’s LOS. Since they’re fast anyway, they can easily afford to sacrifice few movement squares for increased safety.