Devs should watch this

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fascinating that people create videos in social media to comment a patch of a game. I feel that it is almost like watching news about conflict in Middle East or that there was opening of some facility with breaking technology…

But you know people what? There is this unbalanced turn base tactical game created by indie studio, and it received a patch! Hear my discussion (if monologue can be considered as one) for 37 minutes about all the changes happening there! :slight_smile:

Staying in gaming industry… I would say this is the magnitude as with new DLC in EVE Online or World of Warcraft. :slight_smile: What will happen when Snapshot will release first DLC! :clap: :earth_africa: :raised_hands: :earth_americas: :pray: :earth_asia: :rocket: :flying_saucer: :zap: :fire:


Riiight, because being frustrated by studio which changes things in a patch that make it looks like they dont even play own game is bad behavior…

Anyway, i will repeat a single point he was making in that video - Developers state that reason for nerfing the PRCR Assault Rifle was that is was “overused” compared to other weapons… In a game where after few weeks FREAKING EVERYTHING IS HEAVILY ARMORED AND CANNOT BE HARMED BY NORMAL WEAPONS… ITS KINDA OBVIOUS ARMOR PIERCING WEAPONS WILL BE OVERUSED… ITS COMMON SENSE!!!


Well I suppose I’m a hypocrite. :slight_smile: What changes wouldn’t be there I would just make “meh” gesture and play it differently or just play the different game.

They state those weapons are more powerful than other in same level tech tree… but there is no tech tree in this game… you just get the tech when you either stole it/copy it or become “aligned” and its just given for free… you can get different types of weapons at different times so there is not really any kind of progression… Its beyond me how Aliens get freaking 40-60 armor at some point, but Devs decide to reduce AP on single Assault Rifle that has semi/little chance actually doing something in late game… where other ARs are completely pointless…


You actually should be worried if they don’t. A game that doesn’t get covered by enthusiasts on youtube is dead.

But it isn’t even the same tech level really, all the other AR’s are the starting weapons, the Piranha is the only AR that needs to be researched before you can get it, therefore it is a different tech level, lol>

About Dash, I don’t like this nerf, but:

  • There’s no mobility lost and if the youtuber doesn’t care, fine, but it’s him and limiting himself if he never used long run.
  • Unlike he is saying it’s not changing much one dash heavy weapon shoot. It changes long run as it’s only one dash, but he doesn’t use long run. :slight_smile:
  • Vanish is no way Dash lol, Dash was allowing max speed and huge long dash, vanish is fixed short 5 squares.
  • Other comments on dash seems fine and yeah it’s a big nerf… as if shorter range was needing it.

Armor comments, looks like the toutuber knows nothing of armor shredding and breaking make all his comments on the topic totally wrong.

Chirons, it’s going even worse he is just showing he is incompetent, sure you can hide from Chiron bombards, learn play.

vanish allows you to move short distance without using APs… so if enemy is obstructed, you can use it to move and then shoot… while with dash, you cant. because it uses AP now…

Sure but he says dash is replaced by vanish, non sense but for a short amount of use case, and vanish needs no limits because it is limited by itself, limit for max speed and dash was a lot more weird.

I think that what he meant is that if there are 2 “winged” Chirons, the first one blows the roof, the second one destroys you. Fortunately, not all roofs can be destroyed … until the patch since I guess that since grenades can now partially break roofs and floors, that means Chirons can also ?

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No roof are attacked by Chirons bombard, that’s the first point.

If you believe it happened it’s because you didn’t noticed a roof hole, even then I have to see a roof destroyed by any Chiron, but roof holes are a trap, unlike roof borders, don’t ask me Chirons logic, they are aliens. :slight_smile:

Ok there’s many traps with top covers, some roof parts are glasses and yeah bombard Chiron will consider them as hole and exploit it. But it’s not breaking the whole roof, never.

Morever high walls and high structures are fine too (border of roof are fine), not sure they need be undestrutable because so many thing is, but at least in lairs it’s required.

And nope he is just arguing that rush to cover and hide makes no sense. Well in fact not move is also another tool against Chirons, all kind.

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Mariss has a good understanding, exactly what my feedback was xD

There is no point shooting a target with 40-60 armour with AR (even Piranha). Against 60 armour it did and still does exactly 0 damage.
It is much better to shoot a grenade with Berserker’s anti-armor skill to destroy 40 armour from multiple body parts and AFTER that shoot any other weapon.

Armor Break with any grenade is the best tool, but with shotgun and AR it’s more than fair too, and I think (not totally sure) they can apply it twice on a part hit twice. Even with SR and a part well choose it can be fine. Close range should work like a grenade, need to be check, I’m not sure to remind well.

Acid was supposed to be another tool, alas they broke it at first patch after release, to make it less harsh for players but then made it a pointless tool for players.

Don’t underestimate Armor Shredding, the problem is with the shredding shotgun and the Machinegun there’s a RNG coming from spreading. But point blank or very close range, the shotgun can be very powerful, and the Machinegun not bad (24 shredding if only one part is hit). Alas the Dash nerf will make this useful very rarely, you need retreat after a point blank shot to let allies hit the part and not hit your soldier, with nerfed Dash this will hardly be possible, not with Machinegun, sometimes with Shotgun.

Other than that, there’s still the skill Weak Point removing all armor to a part totally damaged.

Then there’s poison, it’s just the player lack of tools with poison, the Poison Crossbow can be very effective, a crab controlled even more.

Well I would play Phoenix Point even if there would be no videos about it. And I think that Let’s Play are more interesting than rambling about patch. :slightly_smiling_face: And btw for me this patch is moving game in right direction, so I’m enthusiast that is happy. If there are enthusiasts that are unhappy then I suppose we want Phoenix Point to be different game.

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Stop use OP holes and you won’t have complain about them, why it’s so hard to do for you?

The game has ton of problems, no way OP holes is the main and from far.

Ok you are a genius or I’m an idiot, sure.

Having a game that was advertised to be hard with OP holes in it is strange.
But I agree that they are not the most pressing mater since I can play without using them. But that means that I couldn’t use Priests.

Dash is still insanely powerfull after the patch (and is a level 2 ability). You can’t shoot twice after it without rally troops, big deal. I think they never should have put dash and nobody would be complaining.
I agree with the guy in the video that their explanation that it doesn’t change possible movement range is stupid.

I am already spoiled by XCOM habit: expect some of my soldiers to be more mobile than others. Those specialists suited for point-blank fights (by some irony XCOM calls them “rangers”, though their firing “range” is closer to zero).
So I am going to play using one Dash per turn until it is nerfed into the oblivion =P

Well in FiraXCOM, the assaults usually have this kind of ability. But it’s nowhere near as OP as this one.

  • Run & Gun: you go full AP and then take only one shot (so basically, 1 old dash, 2AP move, 2AP shot)
  • Rapid Fire: you can shoot twice in a row with 15% (I think) less probability of hitting for each shot
  • Close & Personal: you can move and shoot … if within 4 tiles of target, you can do an other action (move or shoot again)
  • Implacable: if you kill you get 1 move (2AP)

So they can extend their “AP”, but not as much as “dash” allows.