Patch: Nerf on Assault rifle ?!

So Piranha got nerfed in the latest patch.
I really wonder why since ARs are really super weak (unless you use stealth infiltrators which doubles their damage - but then all weapons also benefit from it).

Poor aim, poor damage, now even poorer with one shot less (unless you manage at a distance to put all your bullets in less than 12 armor areas).

Of course everyone goes for piercing AR, it’s the only one capable of doing actual damage late game. With other ARs you have to rely on others to shred armor and usually it’s quicker to simply kill the damn thing than shred it.

Ally Synedrion: use Deimos with infiltrator - 60 damage x 6 with nice precision
Ally New Jericho: use Piranha - 40 damage x 4 with poor precision


I never played both weapons nerfed, the comments clue they target more weapons diversity than upgrades, but from numbers I don’t see what it will change, other AR will still won’t match, and same for SR except perhaps the last PP upgrade against aliens.

I’m surprised the stats have shown that ARs are actually used. :rofl:
I would have thought that stats would show that they all needed a boost.

Clearly I miss something and don’t know how to use them properly.


nope, they are worthless and now, there is practically no need to use them from middle game… anything else is just better… hell, Assault would work now better with PDW than Assault Rifle (if you are lucky and get the trait)…

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Exactly, this makes no sense at all that PDW have more piercing than AR. They killed ARs late game completely.

The patch notes say ‘stats show this is being used more than equivalent tech’… Maybe because the way you have things set up they have to be used.

Maybe look at why people are using them over other stuff…
As for rage burst, until missions stop spawning mother f*cking huge alien within walking distance of my troops, i’d like to keep it the way it is thanks.

To me game difficulty at the moment is being done by nerfing stuff that works and putting your troops next to tanks on very small maps (it’s happening to me twice. It takes several turns to do any damage and the thing just walks through buildings).

Not to mention missions where you have to protect people and you start 3 turns away and the aliens start next to or in the building where the people are.

Although I think we can make a prediction, next patch they will say sniper rifles are being nerfed again as people are using them too much


For you, not for me, I never played this late AR, and still use endgame the Bulldog. And I think you will learn too with the Dash nerf.

How can a Bulldog be effective, firstly with the personnal skill increasing accuracy and damages, secondly Stealth (not nerfed to a cap at 85% that’s huge but I’ll ignore) or even Cautious and Reckless. The point is range, and your shotgun with dash nerf won’t be anymore this miracle tool.

The second point is armor break, the skill or more generally. That’s how a Bulldog can still be useful, eventually as second weapon only.

Aside from Assault Rifle Proficiency perk there was no reason to use Bulldog over Piranha or Laser PDW late game, and if you include reducing armour (berserker or other ways) then Synedrions Deimos will always be better.

Edit: I will correct myself. Late game if you look at numbers then there is absolutely no reason to use Bulldog over other weapons I mentioned.

Ok never seen Piranha, didn’t quote Laser PDW sigh. I had a bug, couldn’t go over 49 relationship with NJ, the mission failed spawn despite the dialog did spawn.

EDIT: And for Synedrions Deimos I hadn’t any but yeah can build them. :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll provide some numbers from pre patch.

Bulldog - 4x40 DMG - 160 DMG before armour. 80 DMG/1 AP
Piranha - 5x30 DMG - 150 DMG before armour. 75 DMG/1 AP
Laser PDW - 4x40 DMG - 160 DMG before armour. 160 DMG/1 AP

Now with 20 armour (default late game).

Bulldog - 20x4 - 80 DMG. 40 DMG/1 AP
Piranha - 30x5 - 150 DMG. 75 DMG/1 AP
Laser PDW - 4x20 - 80 DMG. 80 DMG/1 AP


With patch: Piranha - 30x4 - 120 DMG. 60 DMG/1 AP

I was using pre patch. It was 30x5 now after today’s patch it’s like bulldog 4x40

I Think with the new patch the game will get more difficult. Soldiers abilities costs more WP / AP and others things, but there are no changes by any enemies (Armor/ hitpoints) or in the difficult spike…

Sirens will be less OP as their ability costs also go up. But other than that we will have it harder across all difficulties.

Edit: typos

Firstly I checked in English and I don’t have those Piranha, Laser PDW, it’s their real names?

Secondly, Piranha smells more like a late game upgrade so the Bulldog isn’t the right comparison.

Thirdly it’s not AR, it’s not much relevant.

Fourthly damages increase don’t apply to piercing value.

And again AR are more underused because of shotgun, but with Dash nerf we will see.

Are you sure? Sirens skills was different than Priest skills.

It’s fine I was arguing pre patch and intend finish my campaign without last patch. :slight_smile:

I know I was replying to pantolomin. :wink:

Piranha is mid-late game armour piercing AR (it’s yellow by default. Laser PDW name is Gorgon Eye in English version. It’s only laser PDW(mechanic weapon) in game so it’s hard to miss. But it comes as rather late research.

Ok for some reason I don’t have them, very close to final. And for Synedrion base AR, except if it has some special property, it’s for reason I don’t use it instead of Bulldog, but I should have build one and try. :slight_smile:

You get Piranha AR-51 once you research piercing weapons with NJ. So you need to be at least 50% with NJ.
For Gorgon Eye-A (laser PDW), you need to be 50% with Synedrion and research advanced technician with NJ. So it’s harder to get and later tech.