Dev- fix the bugs - quit trying to balance

Dev -

I have to say I was initially impressed by the game - had a good amount of depth and replay-ability.

But you are getting bad advice from somewhere.

  1. Fix the bugs. Lots of them - not even trying I find them often. More patches please.

    • quit nerfing the weapons - seriously - game is enough of a slog - If battles take longer than 30 min - you are doing it wrong.

3- reduce recruiting costs - those buffs that reduce recruitment should come sooner.

4 - Rather than nerf weapons - boost under utilized ones. Piercing weapons are the only way to go from mid game on and the latest nerf is ridiculous. Please don’t make me regret being an early backer.

5 - make an upgrade where you can have bigger squads than 8 - you have a good game - let’s have a complex battle with multiple tanks and squads.

6 the latest patch caused my squads not to have ammo (even thought they did) when loading missions - game is unplayable now.

7 save any seriously balancing for the harder modes

I’d rather have both … like they did.
There were some bug fixes.

OK, Piranha nerfing was very strange, but the rest was clearly needed (and only a first step)

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If you haven’t already, I’d advise you to go onto the new Feedback tool and find the Requests that best match your 1, 2&4, and 5. I haven’t seen a Request for 3, so you’ll probably have to make one.
You’re much more likely to get listened to if you make a case there and gather some support.

Give them some time, they just need it (well, actually any strategical vg needs this patching process, even - probably more than ever - major corporates’ ones and not only little/medium ones.

  1. easily moddable, if you wish I can send you a file
  2. use the unlimited deployment mod (don’t abuse it), you can mod the cap for every mission though, even if it would take some time

Game Pass PC version too ?

I don’t think the way the game is moddable (as for now) is affected by the game version, honestly.
It is a simple overwrite (through a coded process) of files lying in your pc.
So, yes it is.

Then try moded Game Pass version and write a step-by-step guide about it. Surely many players will be grateful to you. Access to the catalog itself is a problem. Once we gain access, the directory and file is different from other versions.

ah, sorry, didn’t know and no hoenstly I don’t really think I would be able to do something about. I’m not a coder (study/job), I’m just a modder for hobby.