Piranha AR - 52 BUG, aftermath of the 01.16 patch

Hey there!

I started this thread to talk about the new update which took place earlier today.

I experienced a really charming bug, now that they nerfed the only AR which was somewhat useful, by reducing the piercing value, mag size etc, they also did not fix the mags, in the spare mags, I still have the amount of ammo before the patch and I can not reload my gun, it does the action, take the AP but the gun will still be empty. OR on the deploy menu (just before you enter a scenario) it shows that your gun is fully loaded,yet when you are on the field your gun is empty and you cant reload it. Is this a really thought through update? The dash ability nerf is just stupid in my opinion, the reason why people used it so they can either get closer and do two follow up shots, or to get out from the danger zone. There’s no point using it now, especially with a sniper/assault cross build, you cant get to a better position to KILL an enemy (as in the late game with the best sniper rifle, you need two shots at an Athron) This is no easy game I get it, not even on the easy difficulty, after trying it on Hero, then dropping down to easy, the difficulty spike is still there, now with these changes there’s basically no difference between the two with a few exceptions like getting gear with the new recruit etc.
Did they ask the people that these changes would be good? If yes, please link it here as I would like to read the article. Otherwise, I welcome the fixes such as a turn based game does not crash on the opponents turn, not corrupting my save files, you know the basic stuff :slight_smile: