With the new patch you ruined the game - jan,16

I’m sorry to inform you that you have ruined a wonderful and really fantastic game with the new patch, the changes to the skills and characteristics of the weapons before were well calibrated and the game was already difficult enough. The peculiarity of this game is that it must be a strategic game not impossible to do, the development spaces were on other things to make it even better but so it is unplayable on a NORMAL level. I can understand that these changes are active for those who want to play at maximum difficulty but for me the game was already stimulating enough, it must not become impossible. I’m sorry I had just bought all the dlc. However, I have not been able to see the DLCs work because they do not activate when the game has already started, in any case I have uninstalled the game, at least until you adjust the balance again. Too bad it was one of the few truly special games in the current gaming scene.


Have you tried a new campaign with the patch ?
Because it would seem that they also tweaked the difficulty, probably to make it easier with lower difficulty levels (UnstableVoltage was still vague about what has been done).

no I haven’t started a new campaign because I was already at the end of the game or the campaign, as you want to call it, but anyway I read the notes of the patch but maybe I missed that the degree of difficulty has changed. In any case, certain problems even with a lower level of difficulty I think persist, how do you knock down large targets with weakened skills and weapons, while you have 20 minor targets that kill you ??? the game is beautiful because it stimulates the mind to develop new strategies with each new match but in this way it is no longer fun, at least for my taste, considering that this game was already much more difficult than XCOM

No tried yet but I’m afraid I’ll be on side of OP, all nerf seems bad, except perhaps priests. The game wasn’t too easy for me, and I never bothered used op tools, but dash and RB that’s never been op tools in my tablets. I believes that only rifles was needing a RB nerf with clip reduction size for example or perhaps a better idea.

Moreover there’s a huge com problem here, most complain are about difficulty and patch is all about nerfing player, non sense.


Well, I use the mod to limit rage burst to 4 and use it only with heavy. Didn’t have a problem taking down Chiron or Scylla. I simply don’t rush in and let them come to me. My first turns are mostly over-watch and avoid alerting the Pandas. I choose my targets and strike.
No alerted Panda, no shot coming my way and no Chiron bombing my face.
Get rid of a 1500 HP Panda in one action is OP in my book.


Yes the most unpleasant nerf is dash.

For RB I think 6 was a fine limit nerfing nothing but SR. What you didn’t noticed is the 50% aim penalty. Before it was probably 10% at worse 20%. Even with closer range weapons it will be an awful nerf.

With that nerf it won’t be anymore a level 7 skill, more a skill to skip for most builds, and use instead Adrenalin Rush.

EDIT: What dev seems not have understand yet is the source of all problems is from unleashed soldiers building through global skill points. It’s a great idea allowing play with final builds all along a campain, but no cap per soldier break all.

EDIT: And the mod is clearly from a player not knowing the game, he wasn’t even aware of Adrenalish Rush skill nor that enemies move during a RB, sigh, promote a mod from an incompetent player that’s huge.

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Well, he (& I) make 4 shots work and you don’t find Rage Burst to be OP. So I can’t guarantee his incompetence.

So you too if you prefer. Adrenalin rush is plain better, the limit at 4 show the weak game knowledge, no doubt. Dev choice of 5 is more coherent, but I think 6 was fine and no more aim penalty than before.

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4 shots for 5 WP is already super great from my point of view.
I can agree though that making the aiming penalty that big is more detrimental to the heavie’s weapons than sinper rifles. I would rather have seen rage burst limited to specific weapons (no shotgun, crossbow, SR).


Perhaps but it’s still showing a lack of knowledge of the game.

I understand the problem with RB and SR, but let face it, why SR have so huge clips, it’s because current design expect they are used a lot more than any other weapon type. SR is one of the core problem of current game state, but it’s hard to fix because they are the core fun of the ballistic system.

The second core problem is no cap to soldiers builds, non sense.

The third, yes third because it’s more about tuning is from the auto scaling need tuning and perhaps become an option.

I’d really have to agree with this post. I am a very experienced turn-based game player of this genre. I have playing Julian’s games since 1984 with Rebelstar Raiders. I recognise that people have been complaining about the game because of bugs, the fact that it doesn’t mimic the standard xcom genre and how perhaps complicated and complex it is in terms of strategy. But after many hours trying out many different strategies finally got to a stage where I could win some battles despite the alleged issue with the difficulty spikes. I see some incredibly unique and clever design and graphics put together. I have been very unsympathetic to people’s comments complaining about it being too difficult or unfinished. However, this last update seems to be catering for a hardcore player mindset. The game is fun when it’s playable but not too diffucult. I still haven’t completed the game after 3 different learning attempts.

Now with these changes, I have to work out a new set of strategies, because many don’t work anymore. I can get close with a powerful gun (shotgun), but now fire just one shot unless I risk losing a unit or rage burst. The accuracy is now depleted with extreme focus and various other ways of making the game more difficult. But there are so many other changes.

SURELY if you want to make the game more difficult then add all these changes (I understand the expression is nerfing) to the higher difficulty levels. I’m shocked that these changes now come in considering how difficult the game already was. Apparently, this is based on feedback from data collected on usage of the different class skills.

I genuinely don’t know what to do now. I have always thought hard is good. Even my wife has observed and comented on how complex and potentually difficult the game was. I was thoroughly enjoying this game and teasing out the benefits of what worked and didn’t. However, now I perceive a game that will be a grind and will take the fun out of it. The update would seem to be aimed at the hardcore gamer who has to time to explore every possible permutation. Am I supposed to start from scratch again? I have a finite time in my day, so why are the rules being changed to have such a profound effect on the fun factor??

Julian Gollop once said in an interview with Jake Solomon when discussing playing Xcom from Firaxis, he said something to the effect of “I’d already lost the game and didn’t even know it”. That’s how I felt playing with Phoenix Point with my first playthroughs - now I have to do the same all over again or give up playing it. The thought of the later make me sick just thinking about it, but I genuinely don’t have the time of emotional energy to try and work it all out again.


I agree, it enables you to build an incredible soldier without having tough decisions to make on which skills you take. You can make a very strong A-Team.
There is a mod on Nexus, that allows soldiers past level 7 to still gain skill points. I find it much better, because your soldier really needs to earn his additional skill points on the field.

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Well let’s hope that this patch does not cause a mass exodus from the game, as it’s sure looking that way currently.


Thank you, I wish more players see the problem to open dev eyes. Solutions need a serious thought, I can’t see any obvious.

Just a cap will lead to pointless global skill point not used on any soldier.

Global Skill points are currently the core solution to let play with full builds soldiers and quick level up. Put a cap on it would be awful for some players because of no more grind aspects. Let recruit high level soldier, slower level up, remove training facilities is just an old solution not working that well, I think all finished XCOM1&2 campaigns finished of boredom to try grind some new soldiers build and rush to final to stop the boredom. With Long War 2 I just stopped play. This amount of grinding isn’t for a majority of players.

So I don’t see any good solution.

EDIT: Mod solution, more grinding I’m skeptical it’s just for player obsessed by grinding. It won’t stop the problem, I always use the same soldiers (like 28 on 35) so no change, but push to one squad, bad design.

Never finished any Long War myself. Managed to go to 4th weapon tier once. But, in deed, too much grinding.
But the mod is still nice to give some value to missions where you would otherwise be “wasting” XP.

I don’t get the wasting point and LW2. Long War 2 is about some core points:

  • Very long campaign, gee too much for me.
  • Multiple teams, great point but equipment management is very tedious pp is hugely better on that thanks to a ton more choices, there’s no squad spirit unlike in pp, you are constantly changing squads or play very inefficiently, and the UI is weak but they did their best because of various limits.
  • Setup a more developed global management and lite 4X aspect, it’s a bit abstruse for aliens progressions so rude learning curve, but great achievement. On that pp is perhaps not deeper but a lot more fun.
  • Focus on various balances according to mod team, sure but they aren’t smarter than Fireaxis, so it’s more a good variation than any improvement.

Overall great mod that is sure, not better than original game.

I was speeking about the mod that gives additional skill points when you are level 7 (rather than 0XP)

And? I still don’t see the point, probably an aspect of LW2 I forgot.

The mod for PP, not LW2

Ha makes it a bit more like LW2. Not much I think. But yes, it’s a different design more classic, already listed points showing it’s different not better in my opinion.