Destroying Haven?

How does one destroy a haven?


The player cannot destroy Havens. Havens get destroyed if they are attacked by another faction or the Pandorans. Sometimes, a Haven’s defending force is strong enough to repel the attack automatically. Other times, the player needs to go and defend the Haven.

If the attacking force is stronger and the player doesn’t successfully defend it, the Haven will be destroyed.

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That’s a shame because their constant attacks on my allies are annoying.

It would be good if there were some diplomatic option to force a cease fire between two factions.

The Phoenix Project is a small organisation. They’re not really supposed to be powerful enough to stop wars between global factions.

:sweat_smile: and yet, everyone seems helpless until Phoenix Point shows up to defend them.

EDIT. Joking aside, I must say having local defenders in haven defences make a huge difference, certainly thematically wise. Thanks for taking time to impliment that.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: It does seem that way at times!

In short, the special forces must eliminate the most dangerous target in the most key area. But now in the game, there are no hint and visuals to understand this.
PS Perhaps I will write more fully later in a new topic. “Attempted realistic representations of missions.”