Haven defense and reputation

When you defend a haven, you gain resources and reputation with that faction. This is all very good, you’re the nice guys. However, if you can’t defend the haven (too far for instance), you lose reputation.
They take our help for granted ? They think we are some kind of mafia security service ?

Please no “auto” penalty for not saving a haven

When a ship is sinking and calling for help, I do hope they do not take it bad that some ships do not go to their rescue because they are on the other side of the planet.

The game should make this distinction. If flying there is possible but PP does not go, OK for rep loss.
But if it is technically impossible, please don’t take it personal … Once you get to level 25 with a faction they show you all their havens and protecting those on the other side of the planet is not possible.

Factions less reliant on PP ?

Also, I saw lots of “planes” flying on the map, can’t NJ havens send a plane with reinforcements to other NJ havens in need ? Can’t they also clear nests ? That would make the game so much less tedious.

Currently, PP is the one doing everything on this bloody planet.
You have the incentive to clear nests to gain reputation with all factions, but doing so many is a chore.
You have the incentive to save a haven (resources + rep) so your choice to ignore it.
If other factions would attack a nest, the presentation would be like the haven defense and you could decide to come and help. Clear the nest with the help of a faction :+1:.

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I think this is related to not fully developed factions relationship systems.
You are 100% correct with crazy limited number of airships you are can’t react to every simple incident, becase as you said. As soon as I see the haven on Antarctica and my (only) base is in Europe, I even don’t have a way to go there.
So I think that you may become responsible for reacting if you are on Pact level for bases on the same continent? I consider current state as ‘in development’

Yes, of course, as I do.
I know that they will put faction troops in haven defense missions (at least I read a Thread where it seemed certain). But I didn’t read about factions clearing nests or havens helping each other (even between factions … until they become unfriendly). A NJ haven helping an independant haven could lead the haven to join NJ.
I dread that factions will attack each other (very unproductive).

Btw. Did someone find more than 3 bases. Because a base in Petropavlovsk is not great to secure all Eurasia and Africa. Since I don’t know where I haven’t scanned …

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I had all factions at war with each other. They attacked their bases avery five minutes.

Got four. will provide coords asap

In all, it seems like heaven defence to:

  1. make it too easy to boost reputation with all the factions
  2. make game tedious rewarding you for react to everything that is happening

What if haven defence only be of a reward to you if:

  1. a haven leader has high enough reputation with you and asks you to protect their haven (potentially for some compensation). Not supporting them after made promise would result in negative reputation.

  2. havens face enemies, which they are likely not able to handle themselves, and ask for help. I think it also would,be cool if other faction could support each other in this situations, developing relationships dynamically, and possibly competing with you for “rescue missions”.


Locations are randomized (except for the tutorial it would seem).

there is like 20 possible locations of PP. World generator just picks some of them at each new start. :wink:

Found the 4th one… This is Spartaaaaa.

got 6 :smiley: