Haven defence missions... defence

@UnstableVoltage There was statement that we will be fighting alongside of haven soldiers during haven defence mission. This seem reasonable and great. But who will defend independent haven if they don’t have their own troops? Will you create units for independent havens? If yes, will they have their own ‘tech’ like some kind of basic weapons? Or It would be only us who will defend them? Or maybe the closest faction will partake… But what if they don’t like each other?

Independent havens have their own troops.

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It will be a future feature? I ve never met a defender in my haven defence missions

Future definitely. :wink:

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Judging from what we’ve heard, independent haven fighters will bear the look of “bandits” – very hardscrabble, grungy aesthetic, like Mad Max. Behold.

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Good to hear they will be trying to defend themselves in the future! Would make much more sense that that would be fighting with or without us there. Would add some personality to the havens if they joined in the fight. Might have to start being a little more careful with my explosives if there are friendlies to watch out for!

Don’t be too happy about that. You do realize that if havens get their own defenders, that’s a perfect excuse for the game to throw more enemies at us to compensate, right? :wink:

I only have one thing to say to that…

“Crom, count the dead!!”

Eh, you gain more cannon fodder. And time to search a few crates… For safety, of course!

More fodder for the firecat launchers! :smiley: