Faction War is ridiculous, Can it be turned off?

I am busy saving the world and protecting the shelter. Faction busy destroying the shelter? Even Pandora’s enemies did not destroy the sanctuary faster than they did in the middle and late periods. .
And what I can do is only choose side stations or defensive shelters?
I’m really tired of protecting shelters in the Civil War, they are too many. Is there a console or mod to solve this?

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Well protecting these Havens is a comparatively far easier way to gain XP, resources, faction reputation with whoever you are defending then fighting the Pandorans.

At first I was annoyed then I realised I’d accumulated several thousand resources, leveled up several soldiers a couple of times, and gotten to share tech with 2 of the 3 factions just from the war.

After a few times defending each of their Havens the war seems to have died down quite a bit (possible due to loss of transports or something). So I’m getting much less frequent attacks. I’m kind of wishing it was back in full swing I could use another couple of aircraft, and another half a dozen soldiers.

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Yes it’s an excellent and infinite source of income, that said, are you forced to save them? I failed reach one in time and didn’t notice any negative for PP, the negative was probably for the faction but I didn’t noticed.

Phoenix Point is a game about tough choices. Much like in the original X-Com, you won’t always be able to reach/finish every mission - and have to be selective about which you take and which you pass up on. It doesn’t mean game-over in most cases.

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Trying not to be mean here,l have played 72 hours into the game,There is no way to avoid fiction war,l haven’t seen a single time where the other fiction would say something nice to other fiction or when l made a choice it would improve other fiction relationship to other fiction,there is no even such thing as cooperate fiction mission that improve different fiction relationship to others,Almost all the time,the other fiction make a announcement saying they disagree and hate other fiction,then in late game,they just destroy other fiction heaven,so where is your so-called choice to make a difference

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Hmm… Can the player steal all transports preemptively?

I imagine they would just build more. The war doesn’t seem to have ended merely dropped from 2-6 havens under attack at the same time to zero or one.





“Tough choices”?

You mean watching the remaining human beings lose their humanity and sanity to genocide each other, and then wonder if it is a “tough choices” to stop these crimes?

I can understand the difficulty of making games.
Perhaps the more “normal” diplomatic interaction between the forces is the content of the DLC.

But please give me “more options”.
For example, choose to show nuclear strike capabilities or perform “surgical strikes”…
Or just say: “Sorry, the budget is insufficient”


I can understand people’s reaction to the in game Factions going at each other as they do, I think we all like to hope that humanity is better than that, and living in the modern world, it is what a lot of us have the good fortune to experience.

But today, I think, is a one off point in history, there’s many examples in the past of where humanity would 100% go wholesale into the attempt at wiping out another people based on those other people’s beliefs being different, and I don’t think impending global disaster does a great deal to change that, if anything a lack of resources, be it food, capital, or land is not something that makes humanity any better than it usually is, we’re a competitive species, scare resource is a trigger for warfare.

I don’t especially like that fact about humanity, but I do think that PP reflects upon it well.

I do think the game could contain an option for diplomacy to be handled differently, I’d like in particular to see more factions in game so that they’ll ally as well as face off against each other. As for the player being able to bring everybody together in peace and harmony, no that’s Hollywood stuff, I don’t see it unless we become the faction that would oppress everybody else.

I don’t agree, sure war is second nature for groups, but there’s nothing better than a shared enemy to make groups ally against it.

As soon as there are organized groups with a common enemy I find not credible that they constantly fight each other. In a world where all civilization disappeared, and groups aren’t structured, then ok it’s a no law context. But it’s not game context.

That faction ally against the same enemy, and a non human enemy, wouldn’t be Hollywood story but more credible story.


I just want the option to rebuild the refuge, because whether the refuge is destroyed or not will affect the player’s game process, they are frustrating.
I think many times people are dissatisfied with such a mechanism because it will have a permanent impact on the map, and many players prefer to rebuild the world to some extent through their own efforts.


In first parts of the game, no attack if there’s no Nest/Lair, I didn’t knew it was different later in game still rather soon.

Build a whole new refuge, bring people here, and a new leader, that would be very expensive.

There’s already a permanent impact on map, the fog progression. I don’t know, I lost only one and never been harassed. I need play more but wait a patch.

There is this place on map where you find Video Games. If you share it with everyone, New Jericho and Synedrion relation gets something like +3 :smiley: I was happy thad day…

Yes,l may have miss some,but it is still not enough to keep the balance of the relationship from starting the war

It’s not about the groups, it’s about the leaders. Even when facing a common enemy those leaders are still consider ways to compete against their temporary allies, and this is especially the case if those allies have a strongly opposed ethoses from one another and/or long standing historic rivalries. The rest of the group just follow, happy that someone else is making all the decisions for them.

For me, the faction wars is one of the best things about the game. Sure, it doesn’t give the best impression of Mankind, but then again, even not that long ago I saw death threats because certain games were being released within certain platforms, so Faction Wars with mankind’s extinction doesn’t seem that far fetched.

That Watchmen does have an uber awesome ending with all that mankind making peace because an exterior enemy, but I pretty much prefer Phoenix Point’s… point, that we can’t or don’t want to put differences aside.

I didn’t notice anything in writing that is making this view more real. But ok I suppose my comment was a bit extreme, I still think, there are real cases showing what I explained, unions at least some time against a same enemy. But yes, it’s not a constant, just possible and credible.

Of course. And I agree that both situations can be :slight_smile:

I let them duke it out. I stay impartial to all. So far in my current game I am allied with anu, supported with synedrian, and liked by new jericho. I am working on getting new Jericho high enough to get their research.

You have plenty to deal with just trying to keep the pandorans in check.

Of course it’s not far fetched, the problem is that some of it contradicts the game lore, like it doesn’t make sense to see Synedrion murdering thousands of civilians.

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