Haven defense ideas

firstly my main issues with haven defenses is that we are the only defense there


  1. factions should have garrisoned troops defending their own haven, like they do when WE attack their havens to raid or sabotage or steal their shiny new tech. Or at the very least have some automated turrets all over the place. On that note have the civilians try to run away from the giant mutated abominations when they get close enough instead of standing there waiting to get killed. They have enough troops to attack us or other factions so why not have those attack the giant expired seafood trying to destroy their havens?

  2. interceptions: sometimes you get an early warning that a pandoran horde is heading towards a group of havens, you can choose to attack them before they reach their target. you can get approval from more than one faction for this since they are a threat to all factions… if NJ and Synedrion havens are nearby you’ll get approval from both but since the nearest Anu haven is faraway you get a disapproval.

if you fail to stop the horde they will hit a nearby haven resulting in a normal haven defense (and normal approval and disapproval’s from factions) but many enemies will retain some of the injuries you inflicted on them during the interceptions as injuries will take time to heal.

  1. forts
    basically you can build fortifications within range of your bases, they will attack some pandoran hordes resulting in some of the uncooked fishmen being injured when you send troops to fight them or they attack a haven
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This is already planned for a future update.

We don’t currently have air interceptions - though this is the theme of DLC 3 “Festering Skies”.

Not planned.