Destroyed Egg container reveals troops

First a disclaimer: I created a mod that changes the color of the operative’s icon depending on its visibility state (Hidden, Located, Revealed). It’s thanks to this mod that I found lots of strange things related to infiltration.

In a nest, I destroyed a poisonworm egg … but when I then moved close to it’s former location my operative’s icon changed to “revealed” (surprise). So I did a few tests and found out that if I destroyed the little “nest” that was under the egg my operatives remained “hidden”.
That’s because the “nest” on which the “egg” rests is a “ItemContainer”, is not counted as dead and has a “perceptionBase” stat of 5. So it reveals my operatives if I don’t shoot it.

If it was a targetable enemy I could understand, but there you have to manually aim to get rid of it. So it points me to an unwanted behavior, therefore a bug.


Maybe eggs were meant to regrow from these after few turns?


Now, I never saw a regrown egg in any match, though since eggs are (supposed to be) connected to the feeding nest, I can understand that when destroyed they would give a generical soldier position, much like a hearing effect. But surely not reveal an hidden unit after being destroyed.

And I’m strongly against the fact that there’s an untargetable spot that can be destroyed to remove the spotting ability :frowning_face: