Spawnery bug and poor design

Spawnery was hidden behind fog. After I finally found it I was unable to target it or damage it. Not with explosives or with forced aim.

I was enjoying the game up to now. Seriously considering asking for a refund. Fun was ruined.

Meanwhile enemy are spawning from all over the map - not just at the Spawnery. Not just a bug but a piss-poor game deign. Spawnery needs to be substantially more obvious. In addition enemy units should spawn from within it. I might suggest reducing the spawn frequency’ perhaps no spawn for the first six turns, then spawn once unit every three turns, then accelerate as the game progresses and/or when the spawnery is first attacked. Maybe there could be a ‘nurse’ 'unit or units (Chiron or Siren?) who ‘babysits’ the spawnery and once destroyed the spawnery can no longer spawn.

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You want to tell me there is spawnery somewhere? I think you misunderstood something.

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pretty sure that is it right below the number 12. If that is not it then it still illustrates how lame the design of the map is that you readily identify or find it.

Thats not spawnery, thats map prop… Spawnery is usually inside some hole…

That indeed, is not the spawnery. The spawnery, while a similar shape, is more colourful and animated.

jesus…whining and complaining…for f…ing nothing…

Also much much larger.

I love the design! Are you sure I can’t take it home to play with my pet Scilla? Pretty-pretty pleeeease? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :sob:

To be fair to OP, when I first came upon this mission type not only did I not know how the spawnery looked like, I didn’t know if it introduced a different game mechanic or not.

You can go through the whole early game without entering a single… damn I forgot the name, but the mission type that comes before lairs. That happened in my very first game. They’re obviously helpful in the sense that you get familiarized with the fact that mission objectives are treated as regular targets, with LOS and HP and everything. If you don’t get that, Lairs make it very hard to learn these rules.

I spent a good while figuring out those rules, targeting random scenery shit like the OP did, until one of my soldiers saw the damn spawnery and everything finally made sense.

It’s probably not that common a situation, but still, there should be a tooltip or info in the encyclopedia that tells you that whenever you encounter a mission objective, it will be targetable and will have HP like regular enemies. That would’ve made things way easier, and for those who don’t go through the big mushroom mission type beforehand and go straight to Lairs, it will alleviate any frustration with not knowing what the hell you’re up against, not thematically (good, it’s tense and scary), but mechanically (bad, it makes people anxious).

I never found it - even after suicide running my team all over the map with a few save-spams. Completely un-fun. It is possible maybe that I need to research something before taking on that mission?

Whatever the case - I’e walked away from the game. Early game was fun but the enemy evolution has vastly outstripped my weapons development. It takes four or more hits to take down an enemy now. The return fire meanwhile tears my team apart if I try to close in enough to target body parts. 50% of hp gone in one volley - regardless of range or cover. yayfun.
I can only imagine how much fun it will be as the enemy continues to evolve while I am researching lame shit with nothing useful on the horizon.
I read the forums and it appears the devs are doing what they can to make the game harder instead of more fun. Reminds me of the experience I had with another game; Battle Pirates - where feature creep constantly made my weapons inadequate. Meanwhile new ‘features’ were introduced but if you didn’t figure out exactly what combination the devs expected you to use then you got your ass handed to you. So much for strategery.
I will be sitting this out for six months or so to see what direction the devs take this thing - but I am not optimistic. I really want my money back.

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Don’t believe everything that you read. We’re working on the balance, and we also want the game to be fun. We know that we still have some things to fix. What you have no doubt been reading, is posts from the people who disliked that we nerfed some of the abilities that were easily abused.

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No it’s not research related.

You should watch a video from a lets play so you know what to search. It’s the graphic posted here but it’s inside a hole. For example:

At 46’30 (the link should point at right time) he finally found the Spawnery. The hole itself is a bit always the same, but usually there’s two similar in a Lair one at right and one at left.

There is/was a bug report floating around about missing spawneries, maybe you caught that bug.

The spawnery is always in the top left or right corner from where you start. If not it’s probably bugged.

Mpf this is still valid since last patch? Moreover top corner is misguiding for me. I’d say bellow top corners. :slight_smile:

I am truly hoping that is the case, however if there were’t a troubling flaw with the game I would not have been reading the forums to begin with - and the issues I experienced (hidden spawnery, saturation of spawn, and absurd armor) have nothing to do with your recent patch.