How do you deal with eggs?

Hey guys.

I wonder how do you behave in alien caves. There is plenty of eggs, and I sometimes wonder what to do with them. How should I behave in alien nests (and higher structures)? So few questions:

  1. Do you bother to not activate them? Or you just go forward dealing with them as they show up?
  2. And if you activate them do you tend to finish them off before they hatch? Or you let them do that?
  3. If you try to kill them what means you use to do that.

My answers are.

  1. I try to omit them, but I wonder if I really should. Do they pose so high threat? Mindfragger can switch off one of your soldiers, but if you have other soldiers nearby you can rescue one affected the same turn he will get controlled. So while killing an enemy you will loose one turn with one soldier, and without using ammo. Worms can be more dangerous. Fire is not so harmful - only deal like 10 damage to all body parts per turn which is not high value if you won’t move (if you will try to move then it can get worse) and it will kill all other small aliens coming your way, acid is worse as it will reduce your armor and then can deal between 20 to 120 damage. Poison is also nasty as it will do 150 damage completely omitting armor (but here medkit can prevent all of this). But still you can set some soldier to overwatch, and kill those small sneaky bastards using only half of bullets with automatic weapons.
  2. I do. But when I think about it now. It is real waste of ammo and unnecessary change of focus from more dangerous enemies.
  3. I usually use 1 burst of assault rifle. But if I have some melee guy nearby then try to use his weapon to dispatch such egg.

After thinking it over I suppose it would be better to focus on other enemies, and when activating eggs just leaving some soldiers on overwatch. All hatched enemies have less HP than eggs, so they are easier to kill in overwatch or even in your turn, and Mindfragger is not so dangerous (at least yet - maybe developers will change something about him).

I really hate the alien nets with only eggs + sentinals, I just try to kill the ones that are needed on my way to the sentinals. I would like to see less eggs and other aliens instead, they are just annoying.

I also don’t bother if one mindfraggler gets my soldier, the fire/poion worms are more dangerous.

Well eggs are necessary to be there. Otherwise Sentinels couldn’t do anything spectacular. :wink:

Whatever the skill that gives you 2 ap per kill, plus two guys with inspire.
You dont gain willpower for killing eggs (unless Ive missed something) but inspire gives +1wp per kill.
Problem is usually running out of ammo.

Depends entirely on how I’m feeling about the mission and the current situation. As Larbo said, an Inspire Assault/Heavy can make killing eggs beneficial for the whole team.

Given how they currently work, and I think it might be unintended/a bug but, I tend to keep from activating them and deal with the other enemies. Then, when it comes time to advance I just put away most weapons and punch them to death. A single soldier can just walk next to them and let them start preparing the following turn. Then they use all 4 AP to punch it to death (less if they have a few points of strength). Saves on ammo while still letting you clear them for a safe advance.

I’m sure someone’s noticed by now that they behave differently on turn 1 than they do on any other turn, right? How they will detect you from 3 tiles away and begin preparing? But any other turn they’ll only begin preparing once it’s their turn? Which do you think is the intended behaviour of these eggs?

I usually try to avoid them to save on ammo. Unless I’m trying to capture one of them, but keep a safe distance.

I think the real annoyance of eggs is that they are activated by grenades and worms are a pain because they are small targets and overwatch could not be enough.

Anyway i kill them only if i have to pass near them, one rifle or shotgun hit is enough; i never had ammo problems in nest and lairs even if i think the backpack should be 3x3 not 2x3 to allow more ammo space and to recover weapons from Tritons

You can capture eggs? Or worms for that matter?

Yes, I meant capture what will hatch.