Dash glitch on base defense

Whenever my guys dash on base defense they can’t enter the center of the room where the enemies come in. They can run across it, but they can’t stop there while using the dash ability.

could you use the F12 bug reporter to send this to the QA team please?

I noticed same problem with the yellow dashing marks in the Base defense. Also in general defend haven mission in some single places with visually/graphically different surface than the surrounded area.

Dashing mark bugs:

I noticed, some surfaces, especially in my owns base, where Dashing marks not appear from any reason. You can walk on that tile, but you cannot Dash on it via the Dash ability, just because the yellow marks are not there. Same I noticed in some futuristic building. There was just one tile with a cover around. I could walk there, but the Dash mark didn’t appear there. Dash marks were all round, but there where a little different surface behind the cover and Dash mark didn’t appear there. Maybe similar I had with Scarab vehicle. I can drive on a surface, but I cannot get out of the vehicle with my soldiers on that surface, but I could do it few files aside on a different surface. It looks like a bug, there the dash marks do not appear on a specific visual surface and “Exit vehicle mark” is also affected by that bug.

Panicked crab on overwatch is normally shooting:

In a Pandoran lair, a crab on overwatch get panicked, but it did nothing, but still had the overwatch eye mark. Later, in the same turn, I walked with my soldier around and the crab normally shoots and hits my soldier. I think it is a bug. The crab should be shooting, running or do something immediately after he gets panicked, this feels like understandable behavior, but it definitely should not be on fully working overwatch, when he is panicked already; and overwatch mark should be removed.

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I also couldn´t exit an armadillo during a base defense mission. Exit command was grayed out.