The Dissaperaing Soldier and the Canceled dash!

I just had a very weird experience, I was in NJ map first turn, selected a man sent him to a location and as he ran across the road he screamed and the falling symbol came up and he fell through the map/road? All that was left was his little back pack symbol no body? He was sucked into hell… And the other irritating little event is when you sect dash (which you only get one shot at now) the man gets half way through then screams “I SEE THEM” and just stops… You can’t continue to were you wanted him to go without using the rest of your turn, which defeats the entire purpose and usually leaves him in the open. And the same on normal moves, they keep stopping every time they see an enemy (which is not so bad) but it has the habit of reducing your move location your several squares short on were you should have been able to go BEFORE the “oh crap theirs an alien scream!” … These few things are rather big issues for tactics as it totally mess it up. Dropping through the map is rare, and could be related to some issue with the map itself?